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(Note: This article was published in the "programmer" phase 201509A)

I was not the first to do software development, is a after-sales technical support engineer, you understand, is the company sold equipment broken, I went to the scene to tinker two, change a part, restart the system or something. Later, I turned to do software development, quite experienced some twists and turns, encountered a lot of practical difficulties, and then I became a programmer, to work on the craft, so all the way over, and also out of two books, "Qt on Android core programming " and "QT Quick Core programming ".

Later I also worked with some new developers, some friends can quickly through the adaptation period, some friends will spend a long time, meet a variety of not so sour cool things. You know, I am a blind programmer, according to my personal experience and I observe the results of others, I found that if a novice can adhere to and practice such a few points, you can quickly from the green to mature, complete the initial role change, into the let you happy to let you worry about the software development work.

The fact that you accept yourself as a blank sheet of paper

I think this is a primary premise. Perhaps you are very good, have a strong learning ability, have a strong belief, there is a super-strong small universe, have indomitable toughness ... But, you did not do, you are really a blank sheet of paper. This is an objective fact, and we have to admit it. All that we have done is carried out under the premise of accepting reality, and only by acknowledging this, other good things are possible.

We calmly look at this point, do not belittle yourself, do not underestimate, starting from a line, slowly draw their own blueprint, all may slowly become a reality.

Focus on what you can do

We are a piece of white paper, but we can still do a lot of things, we will be able to do more by studying. We will encounter a variety of problems, will produce themselves this will not, that will not, may install an IDE will be a problem, perhaps three lines of code will encounter 10 compilation errors, may run up you do not know whether the result is correct or not is the right to be expected ... It doesn't matter.

We have to see what we've done today, what we can do tomorrow, what we can do in a week, what we can do after January. We pay attention to the positive aspects, do not because of various setbacks and put ourselves in the mire of bad feelings, self-pity, negative, envy envy hate, disappointment, frustration ... These emotions are our enemies, all have bad intentions of the devil, they will only bad our business. We have to get away from them and not give them a chance, our strategy is to see what I can do, see what I can do in the future, see what I need to do to achieve my goals for tomorrow, the next week, and the next one months. So that we can take the initiative, we will spend time in a valuable place, we will slowly more valuable.

Learn with hunger

We are a blank sheet of paper, we should be hungry to learn, seize every opportunity to learn, reading, begging, reading code, work 8 hours, and more time to work, we can use all the time we can devote to the relevant knowledge and skills of learning.

When you don't even know how to create a demo, when you're running with a Hello world, when you don't understand variables, operators, functions, objects, classes, instances, control statements, when you don't know the recursion, list, Singleton, Observer, MVC, CRUD, RBAC ... ... The only thing you can do is to turn yourself into a dry sponge and continue to absorb all kinds of knowledge.

This process is happy, happy, you will find that as you master more and more knowledge, as you can solve the problem more and more, you will find yourself today and yesterday's own different, this month's own and last month's own different, every day, every week, every January is a surprise. Let oneself become a child, reap simple happiness.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Many novices are afraid of making mistakes, but they don't have to. To err is not to fail , but to err is to learn.

We do not have to worry about others because they make mistakes and underestimate themselves, you know, at this moment I am a piece of paper, I have no experience ah, I do not ah, I do not make a mistake is the strange thing.

Just like a toddler, falling down is a normal thing. But it will gain valuable experience in the fall, fall a few times, fall a few days, it learned.

It is not terrible to make a mistake, it is not to summarize, not to generalize, not to learn.

In the face of difficulties

I met some new friends, in the face of a task will cringe, said this I will not ah, said this I have never done ah, said I can not ...

Of course there will be difficulties! As a novice, you can not meet the difficulty is to see ghosts. To take the difficulty as an opportunity, only to do what you can't do right now, you can improve, you can handle more bad things tomorrow.

Therefore, to meet the difficulties, the difficulty as prey, as the opportunity to exercise, to Center, to challenge themselves.

Documenting issues and experiences

I think that's very important. In the initial stage, the recording of the problems encountered, the recording of learning experience, summarizing the problem-solving experiences, will be a great help to our later progress. We should imitate the cow's ruminant, constantly from the limited practical experience to summarize, digest, to obtain more nutrition.

At the same time it will help us to develop good working habits, good habits, we will benefit for life.

Timely help

Some people like to be in the black, can not make a silent, or put the difficulties in there regardless, they also parked there, or continue to black, east to engage in the west to engage in the constant uncertainty, parked there.

I think we should set a deadline for ourselves, and when the deadline arrives, we can ask others for help.

It's normal to ask someone for help, and everyone may turn to someone else, and it's impossible for a person to get everything done. Don't worry that others are too busy to help you, and don't worry about being indebted to others. It is a happy thing to know that "helping others" is a matter of itself. In the process of helping others, the person who provides help will reap happiness. Most programmers are happy to help others. It's true. You get help, and you're willing to help when you meet someone else, that's enough. Don't think too much of anything else.

Tell your superiors in advance you really can't handle it.

That's right. That's it, once you've made a lot of efforts to make sure you can't handle what you're doing, be sure to let your superiors and your partner know as early as possible.

The cycle of a software project, usually determined by the task at the end of the night.

If you are a novice and happen to take a task, you certainly do not want your task to be the one that ends late. But the reality is that you have a high chance of playing that role. What I want to say is that you need to clearly judge the situation of your own tasks, if you really can not handle (or can not be done on schedule), must inform your superiors in advance, your situation, the status of the task is clear, so that your superiors may have time to do the necessary adjustments (such as the allocation of new resources, Extended time, etc.) to address possible project delays. If you tell someone at the last minute, there is no chance of recovery. It's true.

Don't worry that others will underestimate you, even experienced and good programmers may encounter things that are uncertain. The nature of software development is so, there will always be beyond the boundaries of your ability to jump out of the problem. This is normal, let others know, so that everyone can find a way to remedy, this is a good measure.

Learn from a good companion

A three-person will have my teacher.

A good way to make yourself good is to walk with good people.

You have to know (self-observation, others tell you, superiors tell you) which of your team is good, such as Zhang San Code concise can self-explanation, such as John Doe design ability, such as Harry always solve technical problems, such as Zhao Liu has excellent influence, such as money eight good at analyzing problems, For example, Zhaoxin can explain the technical problems, and so on, if you can clear, on the one hand to the right people when you encounter problems, on the other hand, you can also take the initiative to learn.

Emulate, this is the truth since ancient times. Sometimes many changes occur in a subtle way, the environment you are in, the people you associate with, tend to affect you in a silent manner. Mencius three move, only for evictions, this is the truth.

Ask superiors to appoint mentors for themselves

If possible, ask your project manager or lead to appoint a mentor (mentor) to help you set your stage goals and guide you to achieve your goals.

There is a practice called OJT training (on the Job Training). But not every company should use this mechanism. If your company does not have, then you can ask the superior to find you a mentor, or find one yourself.

Experienced mentors can lead you to less detours, and will not someone else directly to help you get things done. This way you will walk in the right direction, save unnecessary energy waste while you can reap the experience of the practice.

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10 Tips for new programmers

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