10 tips for successfully compiling SaaS

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1. Make uxd the most valuable asset

Rating: uxd refers to the user experience design. If you want to use SaaS, ignoring the user experience will be an irrevocable mistake.

2. Adapt to change requirements

If there is any inevitability in software development, clients, customers, or product owners will change project requirements after completing all design, planning, charts, and prototyping. Most project managers have gone through traditional training, and restrictions and changes are part of this training; this may affect the release of the first official version of the product.

Software development evolves fast so that throughout the entire lifecycle of the initial development process, you will find that the core project management method will change several times. Therefore, every project should be prepared to implement new development methods or existing methods.Backup Method

Comments: there is a general principle at this moment. Whether it is enterprise application software or SaaS software, it is the first problem to be solved in design to cope with changes. SAAS is more urgent in this regard, there are two methods to respond to demand changes: Tools and engines; Design

Tools and engines: similar to data dictionaries, rule engines, and business process tools.

Design includes: domain-driven design, design pattern, IOC, AOP, etc.

3. Adopt Open Standards

SAAS companies must consider adopting open standards so that they can integrate with other devices, platforms, services, and Web
ApplicationProgramRequired for compatibilityCodeWrite less and get more users. Consumers who use SaaS applications will be able to complete multiple tasks.

Rating: the industry consensus has been reached, and openapi is the direction of SAAS

4. Create a wiremap before design.

From a functional perspective,Wireframe)
It is just an image concept of the specific state of the software program UI, as shown in figure 4. Note: Do not design details. The purpose is to avoid being distracted by design elements and focus on the business functions. After the application's business tools are determined, the design team can take over, but the features must be designed before the software is beautified.

5. Provide cloud infrastructure for SaaS

First, dummies know that network infrastructure has a huge impact on SAAS. However, most SaaS applications on the web do not have sufficient infrastructure hardware and cannot be scaled as needed. As developers, we can use a self-scalable cloud system, which is often calledInfrastructure as a service
(IAAS), but the promotion speed of this advanced technology is very slow.

The wide range of technology adoption is largely due to the lack of knowledge on this topic. For example, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
It can save a lot for companies running SaaS applications,)
The lack of infrastructure knowledge allows many companies to roll back to legacy systems, because that is what they know. However, the increasing bandwidth provided by the ISP is a successful SaaS
Applications provide assurance that SaaS applications that automatically expand resources as needed require higher network performance.

6. Generate a complete design document before writing the code.

Comment: Agile design, we do not agree with those enthusiastic about agile all day, peer programming, write it over and over again, the Code is designed (in this case, the code is very bad), and it does not advocate comprehensive
The detailed design of each Ray and method attribute must be completed before encoding. We advocate agile design and design must be available. However, the design scope involves core frameworks, core classes and core methods, and covers agile design.
The core business logic of the system can be expressed through design, but there is no detail in design and development.

7. Hold the unit test


Rating: unit testing is always easy to ignore in importance. This is also true for our products.


8. Don't just see the trees not see the forest

Rating: The second-eight principle of performance optimization gives priority to work that can greatly improve performance. performance is a top priority for SaaS applications.

9. Learn other successful SaaS Projects

The easiest way to learn from other successful SaaS projects is to first select a ready-to-use SaaS program. Then, find two or three competitors for the selected software, try it out, and write down the specific content that attracts your attention, and why you like or dislike an application.


10. Build an available prototype

In software development, customers usually want to verify the concept before investing in actual development. The prototype is just a conceptual verification. Smart SaaS developers use the time when the prototype is created. Think about how much work can be done during this time:

    • Design and deploy the architecture.
    • Create an SaaS database mode by creating a custom xml dtd and use XML as the prototype data source. (The mode can be imported to the Database Engine later and converted to the actual content in a few minutes ).
    • Create a full-size application Organization Package, interface, and class structure, even if these files only declare the class name and interface originally implemented.

Rating: This method has many advantages, but there are two points that are critical to the success of SAAS: you are ahead of the curve when building real products; when building a prototype on this basis, we can often see the conflict of design patterns and the lack of architecture design. In actual product developmentBefore
You can make necessary modifications.

In addition, SAAS applications are different from project delivery. SAAS is an online product and should have a longer release cycle and a more relaxed development environment.

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