10 Tips for using Word2000

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Word is one of the most popular software for word processing software, if you can use some of its skills, word processing will be more efficient.

First, the document quick Operation skill

1. Quick Start Word2000

If you frequently use Word2000 in your daily work, you can start it at startup Win98, set the method: (1) Start "My Computer", enter the Windows directory, follow the path "Start Menuprograms start" To open the "Startup" folder; (2) Open the folder where Word2000 is located, drag the Word icon to the Startup folder with your mouse, and the Word2000 shortcut is copied to the Startup folder, and the next time you start Win98 you can quickly start Word2000.

If Win98 is started, you can quickly start Word2000 with the following methods. Method: Double-click the any Word2000 workbook in the document command on the Start menu. Method Two: Use the mouse to drag the Word2000 application from my computer to the desktop, then choose Create Shortcut from the shortcut menu to create a shortcut to it, just click its shortcut at startup.

2, quickly open the document

Opening a document quickly saves you the time you find, and here are some quick ways to open documents:

(1) Open with Win98 Start menu.

First click the Win98 Start button, point to the Document menu item, and then click the document you want to open to open the document. If Word2000 has not yet been executed, WINDOWS98 will automatically run and open the document.

(2) Open with the "File" menu.

Select the File menu, the most recently edited four file names appear at the bottom of the menu, and click one of the items to quickly open the appropriate document. Word2000 you can save up to 9 recently edited file names, the default setting for programs is 4, to change their settings, select Options on the Tools menu, and then click the General tab to set the list of recently used files.

(3) Open a recently browsed file in Word.

On the Web toolbar, click the Back button to open the previous document that you viewed in Word2000, and click the Forward button to open the next document that you view in Word. Click the Drop-down list in the Address bar, point to the document you want to open, and open the document you want.

(4) Open the document with the explorer.

Open Explorer in Win98, use it to locate the folder where you want to open the document, and then double-click the document to open it.

3, Quick hit? A document.

There are two ways to open multiple documents at the same time in Word2000, the first of which is to open multiple documents in turn, as you normally open the document. The second is to open multiple documents at once, in the following ways:

(1) Click the Open menu item on the File menu to open the Open dialog box;

(2) Select the number of documents to open, if the document sequence is connected, you can select the first document hold down the SHIFT key, and then click the last document with the mouse, if the order of the document is not connected, you can first hold down the CTRL key, and then use the mouse to select the document;

(3) Click on the "Open" button.

4, quickly open the last edited document

If you frequently edit the same document or edit a document for a few days, you may want Word to open it automatically at startup. Word itself does not have this feature built in, but simple macro commands can handle this work. In Word2000, the method for automatically opening the last edited document:

(1) Select the Macro menu item on the Tools menu and click the Record New Macro command to open the Record Macro dialog box;

(2) in the "Record Macro" dialog box, in the "Macro name" input box, enter "AutoExec", click "OK";

(3) Select "File" from the menu and click on the first file name displayed in the list of recently opened files;

(4) Select the Macro menu item on the Tools menu and click Stop Recording.

(5) Quit Word and save the macro.

The next time you start Word, it will automatically load the last document you work on.

5, quickly display multiple documents.

Click the rearrange all menu item on the Window menu, this will display all open but not minimized documents on the screen, each document exists in a small window, and currently only the document in that title bar highlight window is activated, and if you need to switch, You can click the mouse at any point in the window you want to activate. You can also use the mouse to hold down the title bar of a window to drag the window, you can also put the mouse over the window boundary drag the mouse resize the window.

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