10 Tips for XP system security vulnerabilities to set

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A secure system can better protect our information, and shutting down some unwanted services is an important aspect of security. Therefore, we should be more comprehensive to eliminate these threats to security risks, to see how the XP system to eliminate these hidden dangers, the closure of unnecessary services.

Coup one. IIS: Microsoft's Internet Information Service (IIS) provides the ability to turn a user's computer into a Web server. This service can be closed by opening Control Panel, finding Add or Remove Programs, clicking Add/Remove Windows components, and deselect Internet Information Services (IIS).

Wonderful recruit two. Universal Plug and Play Device host: That is, the "Universal Plug-ins host" service, although many users installed the service in the system, is not very practical.

Coup three. Remote Desktop Help Session Manager (DESKTOP): This service allows others to remotely access your system to help you solve problems.

Coup four. Remote registry: This ability is rather scary from a security standpoint. Because it allows remote users to edit the Windows registry.

Coup five. Routers and remote Access services: This service encompasses a variety of capabilities that most system administrators may need to provide separately. Any of these services are necessary for a typical desktop system, such as XP, but they need to be shut down as a separate service. Routing and Remote Access provides a capability to use the system as a router and NAT device, either as a dial-up access gateway or as a VPN server. If you don't want the device to perform this function, you can disable it entirely.

Coup six. Simple file sharing sharing: If a computer is not part of a Microsoft Windows domain, all file shares can be accessed from anywhere by default. In the real world, however, we only want to provide sharing to specific, authorized users. In the same way, simple file sharing is the only way to allow sharing to be made available to all users, and this is not the original purpose of sharing a file system.

By default, this feature is active in the Professional and home editions of Windows XP. However, it cannot be disabled in the Home Edition. In the Professional edition, this is the way to turn it off: Open the My Computer/Tools menu/Folder Options/View tab, and deselect use Simple File Sharing (recommended) under Advanced settings.

Wonderful recruit seven. The SSDP Discovery Service: Also known as the Simple Service discovery service, which is used to discover UPnP devices on the network, "Universal Plug and Play device host Universal Plug-Device host" requires this service.

Wonderful recruit eight. Telnet (remote login): Telnet service is an old mechanism that provides remote access to a single computer. Now, it's rare to use Telnet to remotely manage a system, instead of a cryptographic protocol that is SSH. Remote logins are therefore completely disabled.

Wonderful recruit Nine. NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing: Network conferencing is primarily a Windows platform for VoIP and video conferencing clients, although this service is only required for Remote Desktop access.

Wonderful recruit 10. Windows Messenger Service: This service is Messenger, which provides the function of "network send" and "alarm". It is independent of the instant Messaging client and can therefore be disabled.

Security is an important indicator of the security system, and every running but unused service is a security vulnerability on the computer, so we need to close some unnecessary services according to the needs of users to ensure the security of the entire system.

These 10 tips on the XP system security risks are set up then your computer security has greatly improved, hope that the computer system security has been the pursuit of help.

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