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With the popularity of CSS3 and HTML5, our web pages need not only a more user-friendly design concept, but also a cooler page effect and user experience. As a developer, we need to understand some of the valuable CSS UI open source framework resources that can help us to implement some modern interfaces faster and better, including the Web interface style design of some mobile devices. This article shares 10 top-of-the-art CSS UI open source frameworks, and there are a few really good ones to take a look at.

1.bootstrap– Most popular Web front-end UI Framework

Bootstrap is a web front-end UI framework launched by Twitter, developed in collaboration with Twitter's designer Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, and is a css/html framework. It uses the latest browser technology, Bootstrap offers stylish typography, forms, buttons, tables, grid systems, and more.

Official website: http://getbootstrap.com/

2. jquery UI-Open source JavaScript framework based on jquery

The jquery UI is an open source JavaScript framework based on jquery, and the jquery UI framework primarily provides visual controls for user interaction, animations, effects, and replaceable themes, making it easier for developers to interact with Web pages, and the entire framework of the jquery UI is huge. But you can also build a framework that suits your needs based on the features you need to use. The JQuery UI interface is beautifully designed and worth a try.

Official website: http://jqueryui.com/

3.jQuery UI Bootstrap

It's the integration of the jquery UI and Bootstrap, it's bootstrap-style, so it looks pretty, and it has the control features of the jquery UI, which makes it easy for developers to quickly create a Web page control.

Official website: https://github.com/jquery-ui-bootstrap/jquery-ui-bootstrap/

4.Bootmetro-metro-style CSS Framework

The Bootmetro is a bootstrap-based front-end UI framework, and the Bootmetro feature is a convenient way to build a web interface like the WINDONWS 8 flat style, which works very well.

Official website: http://aozora.github.io/bootmetro/

5.Flat ui-flat Style UI Toolkit

The Flat UI is a beautiful set of flat-style UI toolkits implemented on Twitter Bootstrap. This interface tool contains a number of basic and complex UI widgets, such as buttons, input boxes, combo buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, tabs, menus, progress bars and sliders, navigation elements, and so on.

Official website: Https://github.com/designmodo/Flat-UI

6. NetEase CSS Framework NEC

NEC is the open source front-end CSS framework of NetEase, which provides rich UI code base and plug-in, which can greatly help developers to improve their development efficiency. Even if you are not a front-end professional developer, you can quickly build your own Web application with NEC.

Official website: http://nec.netease.com/

7, Alloy ui– powerfulCSS UI Framework

The Alloy UI is a front-section UI framework based on the Yui 3, which contains a rich set of UI widgets, Library, dialog, tree structure, panel, AutoComplete, buttons, calendar controls, toolbars, and more.

Official website: http://alloyui.com/

8. cardinal– the CSS UI Framework on the mobile side

Cardinal is a small, mobile-first CSS framework that provides a number of useful default styles, scalable typography, reusable modules, and a simple responsive tabular system.

Official website: http://cardinalcss.com/

9, rapid development of CSS framework Csscaffold

Unlike many CSS frameworks, it has to rely on PHP and Apache Mod_rewrite to execute, but also because of the need for these two things, let Csscaffold become very magical, very convenient, write CSS to quickly and easily!

Official website: http://www.w3avenue.com/2009/10/13/csscaffold-php-based-css-framework/

10. Background UI Development Framework Museui

A bootstrap-style, back-end UI development component that is compatible with mainstream browsers, including IE6.

10 top-level CSS UI open source framework

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