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WiFi Wi-Fi has become almost an essential element in modern life, and your smartphone, tablet, computer and even TV all need to surf the web. When it comes to improving the "speed", basically need to consider from two aspects, one is to promote broadband bandwidth, the second is to strengthen wireless signal. Because wireless signals are generated by a wireless router, and the routers are different because of brand or performance, the strength of the WiFi signal will also have an impact. So today we're going to bring you 10 ways to increase the strength of your wifi signal, some of which need to be implemented only through software, and some may involve adding additional hardware or more inputs, if your choice depends on your actual needs.

1. Change Signal Channel

When using a wireless router, the router usually has a default channel set, which is probably the most congested. Therefore, you can change the channel in the router setup, or use the free tool software inssider can also achieve the same effect. Don't be fooled by the seemingly complex graphics of software, just switch to a less crowded channel (Chanel).

2. Update the firmware of the router

The easiest thing for home users to overlook is to update the router's firmware, because commercial routers tend to have the firmware update notification function, and the home product is not available. In fact, the new version of the firmware will often improve the signal, performance and so on, so you can try to use the Router Setup interface "Check version update" feature, or go to the official website to download.

3. Update the wireless network card driver

In addition to updating the router firmware in a timely manner, the computer's NIC firmware update is also important, and in some cases improves the computer's ability to search for WiFi signals. Most laptops have built-in wireless cards, just go to the control Panel to find the name of the network adapter, and then go to the official website to download the latest driver installation.

4. Change the location of the router

Normally, we would place the wireless router closest to the broadband modem, but in fact, the best location is the middle of the whole house. Of course, depending on the size of your house, if it's just a one-bedroom apartment, in fact, where the wireless router may not have too much difference; if it is a large-area duplex house with three chambers and two halls, the wireless router should be placed in the center of the House as far as possible, bringing a good wireless signal to the two-storey space. The overall cost is also very low, if the distance from the width of the modem, you can buy a longer Ethernet Cat 5 cable.

5. Install Dd-wrt Open Source firmware

Dd-wrt is a well-known router open source firmware, similar to the custom firmware in the Smartphone field, which is usually able to maximize the performance of the wireless router and add more functionality. Of course, not every router supports DD-WRT firmware, specific information you can log in to Dd-wrt's website query. In addition, since the firmware is in the form of open source customization, the post installation router loses the official warranty service. Therefore, we recommend that you select the DD-WRT firmware after the warranty period to improve performance.

6. Set up a cheap wireless router as an access point or a repeater

If the method of the above software class is limited, then it is necessary to start thinking about the hardware. First, the cheapest way to do this is to add an access point (AP) and just set the second wireless router to AP mode and connect to the main router over the LAN port. You need to manually set the IP address and gateway for the second router and assign it the same SSID and secure channel, and turn off DHCP to automatically assign IP functionality. In addition, the wireless relay function can be achieved through bridging mode, but the setting is relatively complex, and it is recommended that routers with the same brand will be more successful. If you have a headache for these network configurations, you can also choose a higher-priced private access point, such as a dual-band Cisco WAP610N.

7. Upgrade the antenna of the wireless router

Although more and more wireless routers use the built-in antenna design, there are still some models with external antennas, and usually can be upgraded. Hawking technology, for example, provides a similar product that can enhance signal strength at least 2dBi to 15dBi. This external antenna can be compatible with most of the routers with external antennas, ranging from 40 U.S. dollars to 100 U.S. dollars (about 245 to 613 yuan).

8. Buy a dedicated repeater

The dedicated wireless network repeater can effectively extend the coverage distance of the WiFi signal, but it may require complex settings, and the price is relatively expensive. A good wireless repeater may cost about 200 dollars (about 1227 yuan).

9. Buy a new wireless router

If your wireless router service has been in use for a long time, replacing it with a product that supports the latest standards may not be a good choice. At present, the new wireless routers mostly support 802.11n, using the 5 GHz band, performance and signal coverage are greatly improved. Relatively speaking, the 2.4GHz band has a larger coverage area, while the 5GHz band in the relatively small region has better performance, there are some support for dual-band high-end models, to achieve a more comprehensive use experience. Also note that if you choose a new 802.11n router, it is best to ensure that the appropriate Internet devices also support this standard, in order to achieve a better connection effect.

10. Single Vendor Solution

Although wireless router manufacturers have been emphasizing that their products have good cross brand compatibility, this is only a theoretical statement. There is no doubt that Cisco's wireless router has the best connectivity with other products of its own brand, so if possible, choose a single vendor solution, with the same brand of wireless products, including wireless routers, APS, repeaters, and external antennas, of course, which means that you will cost more.

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