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Even if you are experienced and talented, you have to admit that you cannot remember everything, especially the APIs in various languages. The reference manual (cheat sheet) and Google must be a must, for more convenient use, there are also a lot of people who are interested in collecting and sorting out, such as the following.

However, we recommend a plug-in that we have recently discovered before, so that we can do all of this for a good experience:

All cheat sheets chrome Extension

If the plug-in cannot be opened, you can also open the website http://overapi.com


  • Jquery cheat sheet
  • Jquery 1.5 visual cheat sheet indexing plugin]


  • Javascript cheat sheet
  • Javascript cheat sheet-PNG
  • Javascript cheat sheet-PDF
  • Javascript reference
  • JavaScript and browser objects Quick Reference
  • Regular Expressions for your ript-free online Quick Reference


  • PHP cheat sheet
  • PHP frameworks cheat sheet
  • Symfony PhP5 framework-Admin generator cheat sheet-PDF
  • PHP cheat sheet-PDF
  • PHP cheat sheet-PNG
  • PHP cheat sheet with special PHP syntax
  • Regular Expressions cheat sheet-PNG


  • HTML cheat sheet
  • XHTML cheat sheet
  • A simple guide to HTML-cheat sheet
  • HTML & XHTML tag Quick Reference
  • HTML cheat sheet
  • HTML entities
  • Html codes cheat sheet
  • XHTML cheat sheet v. 1.03-PDF


  • CSS cheat sheet
  • CSS 2-Quick Reference Guide-PDF
  • CSS cheat sheet-PDF
  • CSS cheat sheet-PNG
  • CSS Property Index
  • Cascading Style cheatsheet
  • CSS shorthand Guide


  • MySQL cheat sheet
  • MySQL cheat sheet-PDF
  • MySQL cheat sheet-PNG
  • SQL cheatsheet


  • Python cheat sheet
  • Python 101 cheat sheet
  • Python cheat sheet
  • Python cheat sheet-PDF
  • Python Quick Reference
  • Python 2.4 Quick Reference


  • Ruby cheat sheet
  • Ruby on Rails cheat sheet
  • Activerecord relationships-Ruby on Rails cheat sheet guide-PDF
  • Rubyonrails-cheatsheet-PDF
  • Ruby on Rails cheat sheet-PNG
  • Ruby on Rails cheat sheet guide-PDF
  • Ruby Quick Reference
  • Threadeds Ruby cheat sheet
  • What goes where? -Ruby on Rails cheat sheet-PDF


  • ActionScript cheat sheet
  • Flash ActionScript Quick Reference plugin]


  • ASP cheat sheet
  • ASP/VBScript-PNG


  • Flash cheat sheet
  • Flash CS3 keyboard shortcuts

ASCII character codes

  • ASCII cheat sheet
  • Character entity references in HTML 4 and XHTML 1.0
  • HTML character entities cheat sheet-PNG
  • HTML character entities cheat sheet-PDF
  • HTML special character reference
  • HTML-special Entity Codes
  • Special ascii html character codes
  • XHTML character entity reference


  • XML cheat sheet
  • XML Schema cheat sheet
  • Fusebox 4.1 XML cheat sheet
  • MathML reference-PDF
  • VoiceXML reference-PDF
  • XML topicmaps 1.0-quick reference card-PDF
  • XML quick references-PDF
  • XML Schema 2001: Children-Parents-PDF
  • XML Schema 2001: elements-attributes-PDF
  • XML Schema 2000/10-PDF
  • XML Schema-structures quick reference-PDF
  • XML Schema-Data Types quick reference-PDF
  • XSL fo reference-PDF
  • XSLT quick references-PDF
  • XSLT quick reference card-PDF
  • XSLT reference


  • Apache cheat sheet
  • Htaccess cheat sheet
  • Mod_rewrite cheat sheet
  • Mod_rewrite-PNG
  • Mod_rewrite-PDF


  • Ajax cheat sheet
  • What's Ajax? -PDF
  • Prototype dissected-cheat sheet PNG
  • Scriptaculous combination effects-cheat sheet-PDF

C # and VB. NET

  • C # cheat sheet
  • C # and VB. NET comparison cheat sheet-PDF
  • Cheat sheet-casting in VB. NET and C #


  • CVS cheat sheet
  • CVS cheat sheet
  • Subversion quick reference card-PDF
  • CVS cheat-sheet

C ++

  • C ++ cheat sheet
  • C ++ containers cheat sheet
  • C ++ Quick Reference sheet (cheat sheet)-PDF
  • How to program in C ++-language summary


  • Django cheat sheet
  • The Django book


  • Firefox cheat sheet
  • Firefox add-ons cheat sheet
  • Firefox keyboard shortcuts-PDF
  • Firefox shortcuts Sheet
  • Mozilla Firefox cheat sheet
  • Mozilla Thunderbird cheat sheet
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • Google cheat sheet
  • Google Chrome cheat sheet
  • Google Maps cheat sheet
  • Google App Engine cheat sheet
  • Gmail shortcuts (printable cheatsheet)
  • Google advanced operators (cheat sheet)
  • Google cheat tableet (version 1.06)-PDF
  • Google cheat sheet-auch als PDF
  • Google cheat sheets-auch als PDF
  • Google help: cheat sheet


  • Java cheat sheet
  • Java quick reference-PDF
  • Syntax version 1.1
  • (JSP) syntaxes version 2.0


  • Microformats cheat sheet
  • Microformats cheat sheet
  • Microformats cheat sheet


  • Chmod chart
  • Complete listing of common camera symbols.
  • The Unicode-Database
  • RGB hex colour chart-PNG
  • Pretty good PGP reference card
  • Search engine cheat sheet
  • Quick Reference cards


  • Oracle cheat sheet
  • Oracle PL/SQL cheatsheet
  • Oracle cheat sheet
  • Oracle SCM installation cheat sheet


  • Perl cheat sheet
  • Perl regular expression-Quick Reference-PDF
  • Perl cheat sheet
  • Perl cheat sheet
  • Perl 5 cheat sheet
  • Perl quick reference card-PDF
  • Perl Regexp quick reference card-PDF


  • Photoshop cheat sheet
  • Gimp cheat sheet
  • Gimp quick reference card v.1.0
  • Photoshop 7.0 quick reference card for Windows-PDF
  • Photoshop CS2 keyboard shortcuts (Windows)-PDF
  • Photoshop CS2 keyboard shortcuts (Macintosh)-PDF

Regular Expressions

  • Regular Expressions cheat sheet
  • Regular Expressions cheat sheet
  • Regular Expression cheat sheet (. NET)


  • Linux cheat sheet
  • UNIX cheat sheet
  • Linux shortcuts and commands
  • Quick_reference [GNU screen]
  • UNIX cheat sheet
  • The one page Linux manual-Version 3-PDF
  • TCP ports list (3498 ports in List)
  • Treebeard's Unix cheat sheet
  • Essential Vim keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet
  • Vim quick reference card
  • Vim commands cheat sheet


  • Blogger cheatsheet-PDF
  • Typepad cheatsheet-PDF
  • Movable Type cheatsheet-PDF
  • MovableType
  • WordPress cheatsheet-PDF
  • WP-Wordpress cheat sheet theme tags und Plugin-API-PDF


  • Windows cheat sheet
  • An A-Z index of the Windows NT/XP command line
  • Graphical vi-Vim cheat sheet and tutorial
  • Power Point 2000-keyboard shortcuts
  • PowerPoint 2003-quick reference card
  • TCP ports list (3498 ports in List)
  • Windows-Alt key numeric codes


For more information, see here: http://overapi.com


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