100 creative ideas suitable for Industrial Design

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100 creative ideas suitable for Industrial Design

1. Turn it upside down
2. Flat it
3. Narrow it down
4. Change the color.
5. Change it to a circle.
6. Make it bigger
7. Change it to a square
8. make it smaller
9. Make it longer
10. Flash it
11. make it shorter
12. Make it fluorescent
13. Put it in text
14. Make it heavy
15. Make it a light year
16. Make it a balanced
17. split it
18. Repeat it
19. Turn it into a three-dimensional
20. exaggerate
21. Turn it into a plane
22. New Use discovered
23. Only change part
24. Cut it off
25. Make it a group
26. Tear it apart
27. motorization
28. Make it active
29. Cut it off
30. It is like a substitute for something
31. Mixing
32. Make it romantic
33. Use another form
34. nostalgic appeal
35. Make it look popular
36. Make it slow down
37. Make it look like futuristic
38. Make it a part of an item instead.
39. make it stronger
40. Cut it into slices.
41. Use Symbols
42. It is a writer.
43. appeal with sexual desire
44. scale it down
45. Bend it
46. Change to graphic mode
47. Make it paired
48. Change the form
49. Tilt it
50. Make it stand vertically.
51. Flip it from the inside out
52. make it stronger
53. Turn it to the next
54. Shake it
55. Mask it
56. Make it asymmetrical
57. Appeal to children
58. Appeal to men
59. Make it hostile to others
60. Appeal to women
61. Sharpen it
62. Ask for a week
63. Change ingredients
64. Frame it
65. Add new copies
66. Roll it into a circle
67. Fill it up
68. make it transparent
69. Empty it
70. Make it opaque
71. Open it
72. make it attractive
73. Use Visual Effects
74. transfer it over
75. Use additional materials
76. bundle it
77. miniaturization
78. gel forming
79. Add to maximum limit
80. Soften it
81. Make it light
82. Make it fold
83. Extreme Trend
84. Narrow it down
85. make it wider
86. Make it more funny
87. anthropomorphic
88. Make it darker
89. make it shine
90. Second use discovered
91. merge it together
92. Straighten it out
93. Fold it
94. Wrap it around
95. Make it fragrant and pleasant
96. Throw it out
98. Make it irritating
99. set any of the above groups
100 abandon all distractions and design from the heart

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