100 examples of HTML skills (III)

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61. What are the steps for creating a dynamic page?

Step 1: Design the page and find the materials required for the page;

Step 2: complete normal page creation without the need to involve Dynamic Homepage content;

Step 3: Add a stacked style sheet for the page text to change the text color and link;

Step 4: Add interactive content such as CGI, javascirpt, and ActiveX controls to the page, which is the key to page dynamics;

Step 5: test the dynamic page to adapt to more browsers;

Step 6: publish a dynamic page and mark it as a dynamic page (DHTML ).

62. How can visitors click to add site bookmarks?

We always hope that visitors can add your site to their bookmarks. Here is a good solution:

In the

<Script language = "JavaScript"> <! --

Function addbookmark ()

{Window. External. AddFavorite ("http://www.yy0736.com", "e ");}

// -->

Add the following content to the <body> </body> section:

<Script language = "JavaScript">
<! --
If (document. All! = NULL) {document. Write ("[<a href = javascriptddbookmark ()> click it and I will become friends with you. </A>] ");}
// --> </SCRIPT>

63. Can I write HTML Tag elements in uppercase?

For most HTML Tag elements, you can use the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to write tag elements. For example:


64. How to close the browser window by clicking on the page?

Add the following code in the <body> </body> section:

<A href = "javascript: window. Close ()"> close the window </a>

65. How do I set an access password for the page?

Sometimes you need to set a password for a page to allow the right person to come in. In the

<Script language = "JavaScript"> <! -- Var Pd = "" Var RPD = "bullbat" Pd = prompt ("enter the password:", "") if (PD! = RPD) {alert ("Your password is incorrect...") history. Back ()} else {alert ("Your password is correct! ") Window. Location. href =" flash.htm "}
// -->

In the above Code, "bullbat" is the correct password. "Flash.htm" is the page that links after the correct password is entered. This password setting method is not safe, because visitors only need to view the page source code to know the password.

66. How do I set the correct software download link for visitors?

Like other links, the <A> </a> label is used. However, for Software Download Links, you need to set the following settings:

<A href = "wbzx.zip"> download wbzx.zip (188kb) </a>

67. How do I delete the blue border of an image link?

If we set an image as a link, we will find a blue border around the image. To delete a border, add border = "0" to the Image Tag ". For example:

68. How to provide a button for the link?

<Form action = "cnshell.htm" method = "get">

<P> <input type = "Submit" value = "Click here" name = "cnshell"> </P>


69. How do I know where the site traffic is?

If you have the right to manage the site server, this is a very simple problem. You can check the server logs. However, you do not have the right to do so now, but a third party can provide traffic data. Easy data is a good choice. Link to the site http://best.netease.com/and then add the code to the page. When you want to know the traffic, click the easy data icon. On the statistics page, click analysis.

70. How can I make the browser correctly display the Word file format?

To correctly process word and other formats, you need to set the file type in the HTML file, for example:

<Meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "application/MSWord">

There are other file types that are frequently set:

Application/MSWord Microsoft Word document application/pdf PDF documentapplication/wordperfect6.0 WordPerfect 6.0 documentapplication/zip archiveaudio/X-WAV audio formataudio/MIDI audio formataudio/X-PN-RealAudio realaudioimage/ GIF image formatimage/JPEG image formatimage/PNG Image formattext/html HTML documenttext/plain textvideo/MPEG Video formatvideo/QuickTime video formatvideo/X-msvideo AVI Video Format

71. How do I know that my images are used by other websites?

If you create a unique name for a website image, it is also easy to duplicate the name, such as tt124.jpg. Link to the site: Website. The AltaVista search engine is a site dominated by robot searches. Its robots constantly index the pages of the entire network, so you can find anything related to you there, enter the Pinyin of your name and see what you have found. 72. How to indent text paragraphs?

In the

P {text-indent: 1%}

The P tag is the HTML text section tag, and 1% is the indent range.

72. How to correctly use the separation line?

If you use frongpage98, I assume that you need to separate the Left and Right Parts of the page. First, use the table tool to drag three horizontal tables and place the content in the left and right sides of the two units, set the width of the Unit in the middle to one pixels and fill in the required color. You also need to set the size and unit of all tables and units to pixels.

73. Why are some sites slow to download?

Because the web page uses too many images and uses a large number of Java applets to pursue cool effects, too much use of <Table> is not desirable. Compression is required for images and never used for Java applets. This allows machines to configure hard disks for low visitors. CSS and javascript can be used for dynamic pages.

74. How to Make the font display more comfortable?

This requires the use of CSS (stacked style sheets). The common fonts are: {font-family: (GB); font-size: 9pt; line-Height: 16px }, add this code to

<! --. Font {font-family: (GB); font-size: 9pt; line-Height: 16px} --> </style>
<Body> <P class = "font"> Computer World News <br> FAQs about web page creation </P>

Font-family: GB (GB) is the Set Font; font-size: 9pt is the font size; line-Height: 16px is the upper/Lower Interval of text lines.

75. How to make web pages compatible with IE and NN browsers?

Full compatibility is impossible. At present, Internet Explorer is much more popular than NN browser, so you only need to be compatible with Internet Explorer. Of course, you can also create two sets of web pages and use JavaScript to detect different browsers to mount the corresponding web pages.

76. How to correctly use fonts?

Setting text fonts is a very important part in the production of web pages. However, because not every visitor has a font set, try to use the default font of the operating system, such as,, and. Other types of fonts can be graphically implemented. 78. How to Make a traditional version of the webpage?

If you use the e-port webpage workshop tool to create a page, you can use the GB under the tool menu to convert the simplified web page to the traditional web page. If you use other tools, you can also use the GB-to-big5 page of the webpage workshop to create traditional web pages, use the webpage workshop to open the page, click the GB-to-big5 page under the tool menu, and save the conversion. Note that the original <meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text/html; charset = gb2312 "> changed charset = gb2312 to charset = big5. In this way, the visitor's browser will automatically recognize it. (E-port webpage Workshop: http://e-port.soim.net /)

77. Use a horizontal line (HR) to create a vertical line?

Insert HR: <HR size = "1">. How to Make It vertical, simpler: <HR size = "100" width = "1">

78. What do I need to exchange connections with other sites?

Of course, you must first have a personal website and then prepare two website logos. Generally, the logo 400x40 and 88x31 are required. You can also prepare a 100x31 logo for others. The X40 logo is used for AD exchange sites like wangmeng, and 88x31 and 100x31 are used for the exchange between personal sites.

79. How can I open a new window through the link in the drop-down menu?

Set the drop-down menu first, for example:

<Form method = "Post">
<Select name = "d1" size = "1">
<Option value = "http://www.163.com/"> Netease </option>
<Option value = "http://www.suho.com/"> Sohu </option> </SELECT>
<Input type = "Submit" value = "OK" name = "B1"> <input type = "reset" value = "reset" name = "B2"> </P> </form>

Change <select name = "d1" size = "1">

<Select onchange = "javascript: window. Open (this. Options [This. selectedindex]. Value)">.

80. How to align the text correctly?

Sometimes, we need to specify the left and right margins (the distance between the text and the browser) of a piece of text to align the text correctly. CSS (stacked style sheet) provides the following features:

Add in

<! --. Tt {margin-left: 68px; margin-Right: 70px; margin-top: 69px; margin-bottom: 71px}

. Tt is the class name, so that you should have it in HTML tags. In {}, the property and the distance between the margin are left, right, top, and bottom. When their margins are equal, for example, they are all 60px, which can be abbreviated as:. tt {margin: 60px }.

When the CSS is referenced in the text, you will find that the text is very neat.

81. How can I use the image format correctly?

Currently, the standard format of images on the network is jpg and GIF. When there are many colors in an image, select JPG, which has a high compression ratio, while GIF is suitable for images with a few colors.

82. How to display visitor system information on the webpage?

Add the following code to <body> </body>:
<Script language = "JavaScript">
Document. Write (navigator. appversion)

83. How to correctly place JavaScript?

Javascript is an implementation tool for dynamic home pages. Generally, JavaScript is placed between

84. What interaction functions does a personal website need?

Interaction is the charm of the network. As a personal site, these interactive tools are also required to communicate with visitors at any time. The following are the necessary interaction tools for personal websites:

Message Board-ask visitors to give comments to your site;
Forum-when discussing a specific topic, the difference between it and the message board is that the message board can contain any content;
Survey Form-using personal sites, you can investigate a problem and then check the support rate of each opinion;
Subscription Form-send an email to the subscriber to update the site;

Chat room-a place for instant conversations, especially a network discussion for a specific topic;

Search engine-when there are too many sites, the search engine allows visitors to quickly find the desired content;

85. How can I click a link to change in both frames at the same time?

For a page composed of topframe, leftframe, and mainframe, if you want to click a link in the leftframe and change it in the other two frames, the Code is as follows:
<A href = "x1.htm" onclick = "parent.topframe.location.href0000''x2.htm'" target = "mainframe">
90. forward, backward, and refresh
<A href = "javascript: history. Back ()"> back </a>
<A href = "javascript: history. Go ()"> forward </a>
<A href = "javascript: location. Reload ()"> refresh </a>

86. print button
<Input name = "print" onclick = "window. Print ();
Return false "type =" button "value =" print ">

87. View Source code button

<Input type = button name = "View" value = "view source code" onclick = ''window. location = "view-source:" + window. location. href ''style = "font-size: 9pt">

88. How do I remove the page scroll bar?

Add style table control to the body. The Code is as follows:
<Body bgcolor = "#000000" leftmargin = "0" topmargin = "0"
Style = "overflow-X: hidden; overflow-Y: hidden; width: 100%">

89. How to insert spaces in Dreamweaver?

In FrontPage, you only need to press the keyboard Space key before inserting spaces in the selected text, but not in Dreamweaver. You can enable the HTML source window to add tags directly, or press Ctrl + Shift + space before the specified text.

90. How to set the background transparency of Flash Animation in DW?

On the Properties Panel of the SWF file, click parameters to add the wmode parameter. Select transparent as the value;
You can also directly modify the webpage code and add it to the code that marks the SWF file property:
<Param name = "wmode" value = "Transparent">

91. How to correctly use the separation line?

Here, let me assume that you need to separate the Left and Right Parts of the page. First, use the table tool to drag out three horizontal tables and place the content in the left and right two units, set the unit width to one pixels (pixel) and fill in the required color. You also need to set the size and unit of all tables and units to pixels.

92. How can I make the browser correctly display the Word file format?

To correctly process word and other formats, you need to set the file type in the HTML file, for example:
<Meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "application/MSWord"> there are other file types that are frequently set:

Application/MSWord Microsoft Word Document
Application/pdf PDF document
Application/wordperfect6.0 WordPerfect 6.0 document
Application/ZIP Archive
Audio/X-WAV audio format
Audio/MIDI audio format
Image/GIF image format
Image/JPEG image format
Image/PNG Image Format
Text/html HTML document
Text/plain text
Video/MPEG Video Format
Video/QuickTime video format
Video/X-msvideo AVI Video Format

93. How do I implement two color link changes for a page?

Set different class classes in CSS, as shown in the following example:
A. R: link {text-Decoration: none; color: #000066}
A. R: visited {text-Decoration: none; color: #333333}
A. R: hover {color: # 0000ff; text-Decoration: underline}
A. R1: link {text-Decoration: none; color: #000066; font-weight: bold}
A. R1: visited {text-Decoration: none; color :#000066; font-weight: bold}
A. R1: hover {color: # ff0000; font-weight: bold}
A. R2: link {text-Decoration: none; color: # ffffff}
A. R2: visited {text-Decoration: none; color: # ffffff}
A. R2: hover {color: #000000 ;}

94. How can I accurately locate a layer in DW?

For the moment, there is no good way to precisely locate the layer so that its position remains unchanged during editing and browsing. Even with the help of the "ruler" and "Grid", there will still be differences, in addition, the positions of the layers displayed in IE and NC are deviated, which is about 3 pixels away. The best way is to adjust the layer position against the Browser display.

95. How to save the background music on others' webpages?

A: After browsing the webpage, you can find the cached file of the background music in your windows \ Temporary Internet Files folder and copy it to use it. If you still cannot find the file, you can open the source file of the webpage, find the URL path of the music file, and download it using FTP software such as "ant.

96. Do you want someone to access the website directly from the frame of your home page, instead of from index.htm?

A: Add the following script code between <Script language = "JavaScript">
If (Top = self)
Self. Location. href = "index.htm ";
In this way, when someone enters the website from the frame, it will automatically redirect to the homepage file index.htm.

97. Some shortcut keys for ie5.0:

A: Turn on the search function: Ctrl + F
Close the browser window: Ctrl + W
Open the address bar drop-down list box: F4
New Refresh: F5
Save the current web page to the Favorites list: Ctrl + d
Open a copy of the current IE window: Ctrl + n
Stop downloading the current webpage: ESC
Move the cursor to the beginning of the webpage: Home
Move the cursor quickly to the end of the webpage: End
Open the new address. Enter Ctrl + O.
Open favorites: Ctrl + I
Open the history Folder: Ctrl + H
Open the default homepage set in the browser: Alt + home

98. How can I enable full-screen web pages with different resolutions?

Use a table (do not use a layer), set the content of the outermost table to 100% in width, and adjust it as appropriate.

99. How to regularly close webpages?

Add in Head Area

<Script language = "JavaScript">

SetTimeout ('window. Close (); ', 2000 );

The window is automatically closed two seconds later.

100. How to close the window without prompting?

(1) Close directly without any prompt:

Add the following code in <body> </body>:

<Object ID = closes type = "application/X-oleobject"
Classid = "CLSID: adb880a6-d8ff-11cf-9377-00aa003b7a11">
<Param name = "command" value = "close">

Run the following code to display the "Close Window" text, image, or button:

<A href = "#" onclick = "closes. click (); "> </a>

<A href = "#" onclick = "closes. Click ();"> close the window </a>

Close Window

<Input name = "button" type = button id = "BTN"

Onclick = "closes. Click ();" value = "Close Window">


(2) If a prompt box is displayed, whether to close it:

<A href = "javascript: window. Opener = NULL; window. Close ();"> content </a>

Close Window

<A href = "javascript: window. Close ();"> close the window </a>

Close Window

Or close the button:

<Input name = "button" type = button id = "BTN"

Onclick = "javascript: Self. Close ();" value = "Close Window">


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