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Bootstrap is a front-end framework for rapid development of Web applications and Web sites. Bootstrap is based on HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.

Mobile Devices First : Since Bootstrap 3, the framework includes the preferred style of mobile devices throughout the library.

Browser support : All the mainstream browsers support Bootstrap.

Responsive Design : Bootstrap's responsive CSS can be adapted to desktop, tablet, and mobile phones. It provides a simple and unified solution for developers to create interfaces. It contains powerful built-in components that are easy to customize. It also provides web-based customization.

contents of Bootstrap Package basic Structure : Bootstrap provides a basic structure with a grid system, link styles, and backgrounds. This will be explained in detail in the BOOTSTRAP basic Structure section. CSS: Bootstrap features: Global CSS settings, definition of basic HTML element style, extensible class, and an advanced grid system. This will be explained in detail in the Bootstrap CSS section. component : Bootstrap contains more than 10 reusable components for creating images, drop-down menus, navigation, warning boxes, pop-up boxes, and more. This is explained in detail in the Layout Components section. JavaScript plugin : Bootstrap contains more than 10 custom JQuery plug-ins. You can include all of the plug-ins directly, or you can include them individually. This will be explained in detail in the Bootstrap plugin section. Customization : You can customize Bootstrap components, less variables, and jQuery plug-ins to get your own version.

Download Bootstrap

Download the latest version of Bootstrap from http://getbootstrap.com/

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