100m fiber download speed is not up to 10m normal?

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first, 100m fiber download speed can be how much

According to the theoretical data can achieve 12.5m download speed, theory, but the actual download speed can not achieve this high, because the decision to download the speed of a number of factors, there are access to the Community network cable problem (network cable too long or substandard quality will affect the speed), there are user computer problems and operating system environment problems, So the impact of 100m fiber download speed specific there.

 Ii. factors affecting the download speed of 100m optical fiber

1, network environment problems, network environment problems are the main reasons for the impact of 100m fiber download speed (such as Unicom, mobile, mobile, telecommunications, telecommunications, etc., operators the same speed will be much faster, and the other cable away from the outdoor switch too long will affect)

2, routing problems, if our routing settings limit the download speed, then it is certainly the fastest and the maximum limit speed. (PS: Many home routers can not meet the requirements of 100MB optical fiber, throughput capacity is not enough, will significantly affect the speed, the recommended enterprise-class routers)

3, the system of a software limited download speed, such as thunder and so can be limited download speed, to see if there is no set limits.

4, the computer system is not a problem, if the computer is slow to open, the Web page is also slow to open, it has to check our operating system, because the system reason speed faster download faster also can not get up.

5, network card hardware problems, there can be a problem caused by the network card download speed can not be improved, this problem is not likely to appear (network card for the hundred gigabit Broadband, the proposed use of Gigabit Adaptive Network card).

6, the community at the same time the internet too many people, because we are 100m optical fiber, but the community is shared, it is not possible to give you 100m exclusive (unless you are exclusive of the package), so if the community with more people than the download speed will decline, the use of less relative speed will be faster.

The above is about the 100m fiber download speed problem, you can compare the above points to see if you can improve your download speed, of course, if your download speed in more than 5M basic better to accept it, you do not expect to have more than 10M download speed, China's network environment so that can have 5M above even good.

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