101 Steps to make you a good blogger

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Reader Wu Zhiyong recommended an article he translated about blogging skills to Moonlight blog, the article called "101 Steps to make you a good blog", has a certain reference value, the following for the full text.

101 Steps to make you a good blogger

I found that the most successful blogs have similar success steps, after a long period of research and study, I found that blogging although not seemingly so simple but, after a certain effort, I think everyone can become a successful blog.

Here are 101 steps to becoming a great blog ...

1, first, the use of WordPress, built-in SEO and high-performance functions so that WordPress is suitable for search engines;
2, registered Freedburner account number
3. Publish at least one article a day
4. Search Engine Optimization
5, have a "About me" page
6. Submit your blog to 9Rules
7. Submit your blog to NewsNow
8, let the reader see the real you, blog than other sites more personalized, do not be afraid of some of their own life, to maintain the real and personal color, you will and the reader to establish a relationship of loyalty and trust;
9. Stick to writing and ping
10, in the RSS and blog Directories Submit Blog
11. Use Trackbacks
12, to join the blog circle, start blogging is to become a member of a blog circle, in other people's blog to leave comments and get to know and your similar hobby blog,
13, so that your blog to maintain its own only voice-your voice
14, with your 99% time to write original content, "content is king"
15, to your page to add a eye-catching RSS subscription button
16, at the bottom of each log put an RSS feed link
17, the establishment of MyBlogLog Widget
18. Encourage interactive references, links, and bookmarks after each post

  Install some plug-ins to optimize your blog 

19, Akismet-Used to remove spam comments
20, Optimal title-to optimize title, improve search engine evaluation
21, Ultimate Tag Warrior-the Best labeling system
22, Google Sitemap Generator-can automatically generate Google Sitemap
23, show top commentators-through links to the most active reviewers of the website, encourage feedback and comments
24, Related Posts-This plugin can find other blogs related to this blog article, which will allow your readers to read more content, stay longer.
25, Super Archive-one of the best filing systems
26, Wp-cache-it is very efficient caching system to make your site faster
27. Wp-contactform-This plugin makes it easy for readers to email you and has the function of avoiding spam
28, popularity Contest-to achieve hot wen
29, AdSense Deluxe-Convenient placement of AdSense ads in the blog
30, sociable-help you spread your content on Digg, del.icio.us,reddit and other social bookmarking sites
31, Feedburner feed replacement-Submit your feed traffic to Feedburner, and tell you the exact number of subscriptions, this plugin can convert any existing subscriber to Feedburner type
32, specially designed a unique blog logo, your blog is your image of the representative and symbol
33. Add photos or pictures to each log
34, the use of labels
35, accept the friendship link
36. Publish the full text feed instead of the profile feed
37, consider a news content, about your blog story, remember that the news writer is always interested in the unique content, if you have a unique story, will get some good coverage.
38, perseverance is the key, adhere to 6 months, and then you will be rewarded from your hard work
39, submit the exclusive content to the well-known website
40, Release the press release, spend a certain amount of time to write an eye-catching and newsworthy article, to the well-known journalists and blogs, or to large publishers recommend.
41. Convert your article to pdscasts
42, using PowerPoint to translate your article into a slideshow video, submitted to the popular video site
43, submitted to the blog carnivals
44, participate in the major famous Web2.0 website, and submit a blog
45. Convert your article to a downloadable ebook
46. Participate in BlogBurst
47, the article submitted to EzineArticles, Goarticles, Isnare,american Chronicle and other well-known articles directory site
48, and other blogs together to publish an introductory journal
49. Participate in collective writing about a project
50, create a Squidoo lens on the creation of a reverse link, which will help you in a specific field to establish the image of industry experts.
51, interview industry experts. This is the best way to produce original content.
52, in addition to RSS to provide an e-mail subscription channel. Email subscriptions will close your relationship with your readers and retain visitors who are not comfortable with RSS technology.
53. Ask the visitors for suggestions about website improvement, because they are the end users.
54, the establishment of a dedicated 404page
55, register your blog on the Technorati
56, allow automatic trackback and ping functions
57, if someone on their blog to introduce your site, in the journal issued a list of thanks to the comments, and send them a thank-you note. You can use Google Alerts, Technorati, and blogpulse to monitor any mention of your blog.
58, with the relevant blog to establish online and offline contact.
59, use StumbleUpon ads to build your blog Reader circle
60. Writing in person
61, to translate the website into many languages, this is a good strategy, but the use of people are not many
62, your blog with the Reviewme?
63, often read other people's blog
64, the use of Google Analytics.
65, check the syntax of your feed.
66, submit your blog on the Feedster
67. Interact with your readers. Blogging is a two-way communication tool. The most successful blogs interact with their readers. They answer readers emails and comments and regularly ask readers for advice.
68, write your favorite things, do you do not like the work you will not succeed. Carnegie once said, "people rarely succeed unless they do what they love to do." ”
69, a blog meeting.
70, invite your readers to submit articles

  A good way to turn your blog into a "Money path"

Kontera ContentLink.
Text Link Ads
Brite Ad.
75. Direct sale of Advertising position
76. Collect Membership fee
Google Adsense
81, using FeedBurner Ad Network and Text Link ads and other tools to make your rss for your money

  Blog Writing Skills

82. Learn to write important headline News
83, let your article can be scanned, people do not read on the Internet, they can also scan
84, in the title of the use of numbers to attract attention
85, change your content. To be unique. For example: A quiz, visit a peer blog, vote for your readers, comment on a book, and so on, keep your readers interested.
86, write personally (do not know why the original author repeated)
87. Write Like a word
88, with strong feelings to write.
89. Tell some valuable things
90, in the mind of the reader, imagine you are chatting with them in a café
91, put your most important ideas in the front
92, use the list with the Origin point
93, write "Ten ..." article
94, write "How ..." article
95, around the hot issues, regularly published log
96, look forward to industry trends
97, hungry learning, and will learn the essence to tell your readers
98, if you often encounter writing obstacles, please see great Posting Ideas
99, to keep your readers eager to send them a wonderful "notice", they are more likely to look back, "trailer" is an important marketing strategy.
100, humorous, blog does not need to always be serious, you can freely make their articles lively and interesting.
101, if you are still looking for blog writing skills, here are some resources: ProBlogger, johnchow, successful blog

Original Author: Kim Roach
English original: Steps to becoming a Better Blogger
Wu Zhiyong-Chinese Translation
Address: http://wuzhiyong.name/101-steps-to-becoming-a-better-blogger.html

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