102 Short and profound answers

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4, "Do not let the children lose on the starting line" makes sense?
A lifetime to compare with others, is the source of life tragedy.

5, what things can improve the quality of life?
Throw things on a regular basis.

7. How to judge a beggar's true or false?

Beggars are true and false, and when he is begging you, he is a beggar.

14. What is the perfect love in your heart?
can have imperfections.

45, why a lot of programmers, Geek like to stay up late, and in the night after the unusually high efficiency?
A girl asked me, why do academics sleep so late, only to the evening to have inspiration? No, girl, academics do not rely on inspiration, relying on a mediocre day caused by the guilt of the heart.

48, how to enlighten a dark heart of the girl?
Method doesn't matter.
The most important thing is that
Once you've decided to approach her, don't take the initiative to stay away from her.
Once she starts to get close to you, never try to push her away.

57, is there really a tiandaochouqin?
Success requires luck, talent, backgrounds, connections, and so on. Diligence may only be a condition of humble.
But that doesn't mean that if you give up diligence, you can have other conditions.
For most people, they can only work hard and have no choice.
The world is not fair, but injustice is not a reason not to work hard.

58, people This life why should strive?
The most painful thing, not failure, is that I could have

66, there are so many good books in the World good movie good animation doomed to see, we have to this fact what attitude?
Fear of what truth is infinite, into an inch of the joy of an inch. --Hu Shi

73. What do you mean, you've seen great things?
Can enjoy the best, can withstand the worst

74. Where is the demarcation point of science and superstition?
I was wrong

75, when the original Android fire, why Nokia does not use, but still love in Saipan?
Man will not die in despair. But often planted at intersections

77, which behavior is easy to offend others, but not easy to detect themselves?
Too much of others to be their own.

81. What does love life look like?
Every day has a very powerful power to get up, to embrace every moment with heart, cherish the beautiful people and things.

91, why do we all have to go to college to find a job, but not too like to open a taxi, open a shop, open a restaurant, put on the street breakfast snack stalls, such as "Fast track approach" project?
"Child, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others, but because, I hope you will have the right to choose, to choose meaningful, time work, rather than forced to make a living." When your work is meaningful in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment. When your work gives you time, without depriving you of your life, you have dignity. A sense of accomplishment and dignity, to give you happiness. "----Lung Tai

93. How does a good person become a bad person?
When he felt it was not fair.

102 Short and profound answers

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