10.4.2 IIS 7 fcgi + SQL server (1)

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10.4.2 IIS 7 fcgi + SQL server1)

In the general concept of deployment, the Microsoft platform cannot be listed as the first choice in the production environment, especially considering the cost and the difficulty of running databases and other applications on the Windows platform. However, Web applications developed by Rails not only run on the Internet, but also have many internal applications. In order to be able to utilize the existing information assets, hardware, software, and data), quickly and efficiently develop enterprise Web applications, accelerate the pace of Rails enterprise development, and may also deploy applications on Windows platform. Although this is not necessarily an absolute advantage in terms of performance, the simplicity and proficiency of its deployment can make up for the gap with other platform solutions, it is unwise to deploy it on Windows.

The latest Microsoft IIS 7 version improves the performance of fcgi, opening up another vast area for the Rails application. On September 18, October 2007, Microsoft officially announced the official commitment of IIS to FastCGI expansion, providing the free module FastCGI for IIS 7 in the upcoming Windows Server2008. This module not only improves PHP running efficiency on the Windows platform, but also improves the availability of other dynamic languages including Ruby on the Windows platform. FastCGI and the kernel-level caching function embedded in IIS greatly improve the speed of Dynamic Language. the built-in management function of IIS facilitates the development and application of enterprise applications combined with AD, it has attracted more and more Ruby and Rails developers.

In the latest Server 2008, the command line tools of IIS and Powershell prompted the management style to approach the document configuration style of Linux and Unix. The graphic interface and document configuration are almost completely accessible to each other, this will make it easier for developers familiar with Unix and Linux to accept, and the same and general consistent management style will make the deployment and management more convenient. Its prominent feature, Shared Configuration, is to place the global Configuration file of IIS7 in a non-local Shared environment so that multiple iisservers share the Configuration file. As long as you make changes to the configuration file, all the related servers can perceive the configuration changes and respond. To modify the shared configuration file, you can manage the IIS Manager interface in the Classic mode, or use a script or a new appcmd command line.

There are a lot of performance comparison data published, but there is a lack of Ruby's practical application on the Microsoft platform and more objective Benchmarking evaluation data. According to the data on MSDN, the FastCGI mechanism built in Windows Server 2008 IIS can indeed double or even increase the PHP resolution speed by 130%. For the Singapore website StreetDirectory.com, the performance improvement data obtained from the deployment of Windows Server 2008 as a Web Server and the user feedback showed that the PHP program runs even better than the native LAMP environment, the website claims that it has not optimized the access, but only upgraded the Web Server to Windows Server 2008.

On Windows platforms, it is not just a masterpiece of Microsoft products. Other excellent open-source software often runs on Windows platforms and shows high performance. Some data shows that 10.16), there are also a lot of Apache Web servers on the Microsoft platform, and they operate silently on the enterprise intranet all the year round. They are used together with other Microsoft products, such as databases. Generally, there are four combination methods for deploying Rails on the Microsoft platform:

Figure 10.16 comparison of Web servers on the Microsoft platform

1) Mongrel integrates Rails into the existing IIS architecture;

2) Add mongrel to multiple Rails Applications on the Windows platform using Apache;

3) Integrate the Rails application from Apache and FastCGI into the existing IIS architecture;

4) Integrate Rails Applications to the existing IIS architecture using Lighttpd and Mongrel Clusters.

For more information about the implementation method, see the network link in the reference documents to download the relevant technical documents. The following describes how to test and deploy drills on the Windows platform.

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