10:challenge 3 (tree-like array directly modified)

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Total time limit:
Single test point time limit:
Memory Limit:

to a series of n long, there are m operations, each operation is one of the following two:

(1) Modify a number in the series

(2) To find a continuous paragraph in a series and

The first line is two positive integers n and M.
The second row, n integers, represents the sequence.
Next M line, each line begins with a character, if the character is ' M ', it represents a modification operation, the next two integers x and Y, indicating that the value of the X position is modified to Y, if the character is ' Q ', then a query operation, the next two integers x and y, for the [x, Y] interval of the and.
output a single line for each query operation, indicating the answer.
Sample input
5 to 2 3 4 5Q 1 5M 2 7Q 1 5
Sample output
1<=n<=10^5,1<=m<=10^5, the input is guaranteed to be valid, and all integers and answers are available with signed 32-bit integer storage.
There must be no doubt about the tree-like array,
but this is not a plus or minus, but a direct modification,
However, direct modification will explode zero, the reason for their yy to know.
So, every time we change, we add the difference between the number and the current number, and then we change the current number to the number we're going to change
1#include <iostream>2#include <cstdio>3#include <cstring>4 using namespacestd;5 Const intmaxn=100001;6 intA[MAXN];7 intTREE[MAXN];8 intn,m;9 voidReadint&N)Ten { One     CharC='+';intx=0;BOOLflag=0; A      while(c<'0'|| C>'9') {C=getchar ();if(c=='-') flag=1;} -      while(c>='0'&&c<='9') -X= (x<<1) + (x<<3) +c- -, c=GetChar (); theflag==1? n=-x:n=x; - } - intlbintp) - { +     return(p) & (-p); - } + voidAddintPosintv) A { at     intp=Pos; -      while(p<=N) -     { -tree[p]+=v; -p+=lb (p); -     } in } - intSumintPOS) to { +     intans=0; -     intp=Pos; the      while(P) *     { $ans+=Tree[p];Panax Notoginsengp-=lb (p); -     } the     returnans; + } A intMain () the { + read (n); read (m); -      for(intI=1; i<=n;i++) $     { $         intp; - read (p); -a[i]=p; the Add (i,p); -     }Wuyi      for(intI=1; i<=m;i++) the     { -         CharCintx, y; WuCin>>c;read (x); Read (y); -         if(c=='Q') Aboutprintf"%d\n", sum (y)-sum (X-1)); $         Else -         { -Add (x,y-a[x]); -a[x]=y; A         } +              the     } -     return 0; $}

10:challenge 3 (tree-like array directly modified)

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