11. Agile Software Testing: A time guide for testers and agile teams

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1, Agile Test Quadrant-the division of labor in each quadrant? Who will do it specifically? When do you do it? 2, soap opera Test 3, exploratory testing 4, session-based testing 5, WATIR6, Fit & Fitnesse8, to ility testing (reliability, interactivity, scalability) 9, agile testing in the automated test can keep up with the development of the iteration speed? 10, CruiseControl should be class is Jenkins/hudson

11. Aut (Application under Test), why are automation developers facing more challenges than AUT developers?
12, the formulation release plan is, avoids "realizes the big Design", Q: Since each day will have the new different demand to produce, then the plan week one iteration of this week time enough? New demand time more than this one week how to do?

13, Xplaner to track and record all the tasks and stories. 14, Teambition

11. Agile Software Testing: A time guide for testers and agile teams

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