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UI design can make or break your site and apps: What's the right thing to do?

In web design, the purpose of a good user interface and UI design is to help users accomplish specific tasks as simply and efficiently as possible. While vision and feeling are important, the core of good UI design is always the function: for navigation, it must be visually invisible. As long as the user gets lost or doesn't know where to go, the UI design is a failure.

Some examples of Web sites and applications may have different design principles and functions, but they have one thing in common-efficient UI design, perfect solution to the problems above and even more in place. Let's see how they do it.

01. Grid Grid

The application of "grid" as its name suggests is a simple, grid-based UI design that sets the order for confusing information. The main purpose of this application is to tailor an easy-to-understand approach to managing the different components of the project, such as tags, pictures, people and places, and so on.

The grid uses a user interface called Master, which contains a series of gestures to create a grid structure for the task, which you can manage in the way you want. At the same time, the tool can also be a number of people to collaborate, users can share plans, in the application of mutual contact. This app will soon be online at the App Store-you can sign up and watch demo videos on the site.


The creation and management of news emails may not be the most exciting job in the world, but a very beautiful design and intuitive user interface application MailChimp makes this thing easy to accept. Starting with its latest design, the UI of the Web page becomes clean, flattened, and printed.

When you first set up an account, the problems that often arise before the first task from scratch are addressed by a helpful, pleasing user's guide. The design leaves a lot of blanks and clear instructions to help new users step through the process----some cases even have an animated indicator to tell the user where to click.

Authentic Weather Real Weather

On his Behance page, the German-born designer Tobias Van Schneider, who is now working in New York, described him as having made another weather application for some reason. The most important of these is "hit the subject", the application of "real weather" is indeed done.

With the simple hook line icon, the application fully conveys the meaning of the "Damn Rain", "cold like a damn freezer". Van Schneider also uses a large akzidenz-grotesk font to show off the classic font that is much more beautiful than Helvetica. Slide up to share, slide down to see the next few days, and then two fingers a pinch to show the temperature, that's it.

Akzidenz-grotesk: Invented in 1896, the first widely used sans serif font in history.

Paper for IPad

An award-winning application designed to help users create in a more intuitive, natural way. Paper allows you to draw amazing details with your fingertips, although you can choose a stylus for more precise requirements. Designed for touch, the paper UI has only a series of tools, without being bothered by keystrokes or settings. The versatile pen drawing tool is free, while the sketch (soft pen), Hook line (bold mark), writing (ink pen), coloring (watercolor pen) and toning (color mixer) need to be purchased within the application.


Like the travel Globemaster and Tip calculator globetipping, as a member of the Globe application family, globeconvertpro the challenge of changing the currency and unit of measurement that you have been facing while traveling is very simple.

The UI design applied was surprisingly clean and loose, although the options included up to 190 currencies and dynamically updated exchange rates, more than 80 kinds of 10 large classes of different units of measurement. The operation is very straight, in the left menu select what you need and then enter the value.


Things is a very popular task management application, both on Mac and iOS. It has an award-winning, intuitive and simple design based on the familiar "to do" list. As the application of the production company cultured code says it just makes your life easier.

This clean, smooth user interface design starts with the Prescaler form to help you categorize your tasks, the urgent tasks are "today," and a little more urgent can wait until "next" and later on "plan." Each entry catch all the important information: headings, notes and expiration times, and labels that help classify everything. Best of all, with a simple keyboard shortcut you can access the Entry window from anywhere, and it's all synchronized automatically on the computer, the iphone and the ipad.

Campaign Monitor:worldview

Campaign Monitor starts with a great idea how to make the mail subscription data more appealing, it adds to the Google map of the users who are opening, clicking, and sharing your pages, all in real time, and that includes the user's geographic location and personal content.

The login page uses, for example, a pin drop onto the world map, so the visual model directly introduces its concept. The interface of the application itself is very refreshing and clean, focusing on the map and placing some basic menu settings. It is a good example of UI design, with icons and colors that can be used to identify different user behaviors at a glance.


Meter.me is a fitness monitoring application designed for people running and cycling. It has a minimal print layout of the user interface, users in training can use a variety of options, with simple sliding gestures to activate and track their fitness progress, without tossing the menu and settings.

In the development phase, Australian designer Adam Vella conducted extensive research and found that users who track training results often reach a higher level of fitness-in meter.me, the relevant data can be sorted and displayed in real time, tracked, and condensed into a daily report that can be referenced.

Google more Than A Map

Another UI design based on Google Maps, this time comes from the Silicon Valley giant himself. More Than A map is a neat display of all the possibilities of the Google Maps API.

It is divided into 6 major categories, basic maps, satellite maps, street perspectives, locations, Lu Xing and visual data. Each has a series of interactive demos that use examples from around the world. Flat, recognizable icons, big pictures, clean animations and minimal types make navigation easy. And based on case studies from Australia, Thailand, Kenya, Germany and Brazil, increased depth and color.


A good example, it uses a flat design to make a potentially very complex UI design cleaner and more intuitive. Figure is an iOS application that contains synthesizers and drums, developed by the Swedish propeller head, and is also a developer of the music development software reason.

You can click on the touch screen, press the downward scrolling wheel with your finger to form a series of different sounds, or swipe the notes on the screen to play different tones. There are also rollers that can control the range of notes, the number of notes in the melody and the bass line, as well as various labels to adjust and control the sound.


When you look at a bunch of old updates and postings from Twitter 6 months ago, who knows what you were thinking. Lack of context often means very meaningful words at the time, and in months or years it becomes meaningless.

Kennedy is a diary application, from the once great Brendan Dawes, designed a background note for your memory. You can use it to write what you're going to do, just like you wrote on Facebook or Twitter, or you add photos to your notes. It has a smart click button that adds an extra layer of structure to the diary to add the current position, date and time, weather conditions, news headlines, and if you're listening to music on your phone, the name of the track you're listening to can also be added. In this way, your diary is not just dry, then it seems meaningless record, on the contrary it can help you grasp that special moment rich background content, can help you back to that point in time. Dawes's simplicity and clever UI design make all this look beautiful and simple.

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