11 good ways to eliminate fatigue

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(1) Organizing activities

Organizing activities is a good way to eliminate fatigue and promote physical recovery. Coaches and athletes should pay sufficient attention. Organizing activities after strenuous exercise can keep the cardiovascular system and respiratory system at a high level, which is conducive to the repayment of oxygen debts owed during exercise. Sort activities to relax the muscles and avoid affecting the metabolic process due to local circulatory disorders. Organizing activities should include jogging, breathing gymnastics and stretching exercises for various groups. Stretching exercises after exercise can eliminate muscle cramps, improve muscle blood circulation, reduce muscle pain and stiffness, eliminate local fatigue, and also play a good role in the prevention of sports injury.

(2) sleep


Sleep is a good way to eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. During sleep, the cerebral cortex is excited, and the decomposition and metabolism in vivo are at the lowest level, while the synthesis and metabolism process is relatively high, which is conducive to the accumulation of energy in vivo. During normal training, adult athletes should be able to sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day. Sleep time should be extended as appropriate during heavy traffic and competitions. The sleep duration of a young athlete must be longer than that of an adult athlete. A daily sleep duration of 10 hours must be ensured. If training is arranged in the last and afternoon, you should take a nap at noon (1.5 ~ 2 hours ).

(3) warm water bath


Warm shower after training is the easiest way to eliminate fatigue. Warm water bath can promote the whole body of blood circulation, regulate blood flow, strengthen metabolism, is conducive to the transportation of nutrients in the body and the elimination of fatigue substances. The temperature is 42 to 2C. The time range is 10 to 10 ~ 15 minutes. Do not exceed 20 minutes. After half an hour of training, you can also perform hot and cold water bath. The cold water temperature is 15C, and the hot water temperature is 40C. Cold shower 1 minute, hot shower 2 minutes, alternate 3 times.


(4) Sanna Bath


Also known as hot air bath or Finnish steam bath. China already has production, so it is more common to use. Sanna bath is used in a specially crafted cabin to heat the air with an electric stove, resulting in a high temperature and dry environment. In addition to being calm, muscle and joint tissue congestion can also lead to a large amount of perspiration. Wrestling, weightlifting, and other athletes are often used to reduce weights before the competition. The Sanna bath method is described as follows:


1. In 54 ~ In the 71c environment, stay for 10 ~ 20 minutes.


2. In 100 ~ In 120C environment, stay 5 ~ 7 minutes. Repeated 4 ~ 5 times. Cold shower for each interval of 10 ~ 15 seconds, or 2.5 ~ with warm water shower ~ 3 minutes. 5-5 rest in the dressing room after completion ~ 7 minutes.

(5) vapor margin


This is to pass steam into a special hut or close the room, resulting in a high temperature, high humidity environment. Its function is similar to Sanna bath, but it is more likely to cause physical fatigue than Sanna bath. The method is as follows: In 40.5 ~ In the 46c environment, stay for 20 ~ 30 minutes.

(6) massage


Massage is an important means to eliminate fatigue. Manual Massage is the most popular method for athletes to eliminate fatigue. However, due to human limitations, Manual Massage cannot meet the needs. Various methods have been developed to replace human massage, such:


1. mechanical massage includes massage chairs, belt massage machines, massage beds, roller relaxation devices, and small Massage Equipment.


2. Hydraulic massage, such as Pulse Hydraulic massage machine.


3. Pressure Massage, such as pressure massage clothing, Pressure Massage pants, foot pressure massager, high and low pressure tanks, and negative pressure tanks.

(7) physiotherapy


The use of light therapy, Wax Therapy, electrotherapy, etc. on the local or whole, can promote blood circulation, accelerate the elimination of fatigue and functional recovery, at the same time has the role of treatment of injury.


(8) Oxygen Absorption


Using the hyperbaric oxygen vessel, in 2 ~ The inhalation of hyperbaric oxygen at 2.5 Standard atmospheres has been preliminarily confirmed. High oxygen can increase the oxygen content, decrease the carbon dioxide concentration, increase the pH value, and increase the oxygen reserves of the tissue, it has obvious curative effects on extreme fatigue, muscle pain, stiffness, and acid-base balance imbalance caused by training. Especially for boxing, wrestling, judo and other athletes who are often hit by the head, it can reduce headaches, dizziness, and improve the effect of sleep. Negative oxygen ions are also used to eliminate fatigue. Some people observe the effects of negative oxygen ions and playing music removing machine fatigue. It is found that it can improve the muscle strength of the back muscle, improve the cardiopulmonary function, and increase the hemoglobin concentration.

(9) Nutrition


The consumption of various nutrients increases during exercise and is supplemented in time after exercise, which helps eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. Sugar, vitamin C, vitamin B, and water should be supplemented.


(10) Drugs


Some drugs can be used as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue. For example, HUANG Mao, a traditional Chinese medicine, Shen Qi, and so on have the effects of adjusting the function of the central nervous system, expanding the coronary artery, and supplementing qi and strengthening tendon, which has a certain effect on eliminating fatigue. The effects of royal jelly, ginseng, and velvet on nourishing blood are better.


(11) Psychological Recovery


It aims to eliminate fatigue by regulating the function of cerebral cortex. Qigong, ideas, relaxation exercises, and so on all belong to this category.

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