11 jquery form Element beautification plug-ins

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Because of browser compatibility, form elements are often the most difficult to beautify throughout the web design process, especially single-choice buttons, drop-down selection boxes, and check boxes. But we can use jquery to beautify it. We recommend 11 simple and easy-to-use jqurey plug-ins, including clean and compact buttons and unique iPhone style stick button switching, I believe they can help you build your own form layout.

Fancy checkboxes and radio buttons with CSS

Compared with the traditional style, the checkbox with a rounded rectangle is softer. Meanwhile, the shadow and highlight are added to the mouse selection, enhancing the texture and appearance of the control.


The refreshing and simple look is very similar to the default system controls, but the checked state with a certain gray level matches the rounded corner and shadow, making your layout more free and unified.


The radio button identifies the checked status with eye-catching green dots, while the checkbox marks the checked status in green and red, which is very special and beautiful.

Jquery checkbox

Inspiration may come from the switch of household appliances, as if the mouse could push the control block. A very unique design will make your webpage different.


The fresh and simple appearance combines the details with some popular elements: rounded corners and eye-catching checked status identifiers.


The color is refreshing and the style is simple. It is easy to integrate with the designed webpage.

IPhone-style checkboxes

The iPhone's unique stick control style clearly identifies the checked status of the control. Maybe you can make your design very "apple ".

Ezmark jquery checkbox & radio button plugin

This control is characterized by a checkbox selected State representation, a non-closed Rectangle frame, and an overall red-black gradient to create a refreshing style.

Jquery fancy custom radio-button and checkbox

This control has the popular glass texture, that is, beautiful and low-key. Try it. Maybe your webpage will shine immediately.

IPhone style radio and checkbox

The iPhone-style controls differ in that the switching of color blocks identifies the checked status.

Create iPhone-style buttons with the iButton jquery plug-in

Still very red iPhone style buttons, gradient background color to create a three-dimensional effect.



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