1.1 Shell Features

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| Pipeline

> Redirection

>> Chasing heavier orientation

< reverse redirection

2> Error Redirection

2>> Append Error redirection


CTRL + Z to temporarily stop the job

Jobs View Job

FG recalled to front desk

+ Higher Priority

FG 2 designated number recall

BG tuned to Backstage

Sleep & also executes the command and adds & recalls the background.


1. What are the functions of the following special symbols?

!! You can execute the previous command

!ca can execute the last command in the command history that starts with a CA

!100 can execute 100th command in command history

!$ means the last parameter of the previous command

2. The argument about redirection is correct.

> redirect for correct output if there is content in the target file it overwrites the old content

2> is the wrong redirect, only the wrong information is logged

2>>1.txt error message appended to 1.txt

3. What do I do if I want to put the command "sh 1.sh" into the background?

SH 1.sh, then CTRL + Z, then BG ID

SH 1.sh &


Main: Job Control

1.1 Shell Features

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