11 stages of career development of Shanghai Yuecheng Technology web Developer

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Today we are bringing an interesting article about 11 different stages of career development for Web developers. Web developers are a career with many stages, very interesting and challenging. With this steep learning curve in mind, you can fully anticipate that you will experience setbacks, enlightenment, self-righteousness and a shift in these mindsets. In this article, we look at these stages through a series of super-sharp animation perspectives, which I believe will be very interesting.

Stage One rookie

At the beginning of your career, we always have a sense of warmth, and this period of time you absolutely have no clue what you are doing. Like a fish off the water, every line of code is a mystery. DOCTYPE? Ha? What the hell is <div>? The first stage is scary, scary, but also exciting. How many damned languages are there?

Perhaps your biggest advantage is that you don't know how deep the rabbit hole is, learning HTML is the first step.

Phase two take the first step

Although it will take some time, you will eventually accumulate enough knowledge to take the first step toward coding the world. If the first stage is an overwhelming "where should we start" period, the second stage is a time when you need to slowly start building your skills package. Of course, CSS style definition syntax is still unfamiliar to you, but at least you can make a little change in your new code editor and then look at the effect in the browser. This is really a wonderful feeling!

Phase three complete setback

Imagine you get lost in a cave, shining your light in every tunnel in order to find a way out. Every step you want to see a faint light. Unfortunately, the learning trajectory in your business is a steep curve. I'm sorry to say that this spot-like light won't last for a long time. It is expected that at this stage, you will spend hundreds of hours, constantly reading technical books, desperately trying to make your madness meaningful!

If setbacks are too large, in fact, each of us believes that one point or another in our career finds a way to find peace in an accurate way. You are alone, hold on, and soon you will reach the AHA stage!

Stage four AHA Stage

"Aha" moment is the most wonderful moment in the world, when you suddenly realize that there is a kind of wake-up feeling of the pot initiation! Personally, when the world was all asleep late at night, I found a breakthrough in these codes. After reading the eighth time, once blurred, now at least to some extent clear ..... This stage is where the technology and language you have mastered begin to be realized.

Phase Five fragile coding

As in the previous phase, the fragile phase is a long one. During this period, you successfully build your application and achieve the end result you want, but the underlying code is a customer functional requirement that is far from unexpected. At this stage, your code will have dozens of lines, and there is absolutely no concept of testing in your mind.

But at least you can make something! Now, on your GitHub, you need to document the requirements and modify the spelling errors. Don't underestimate the help of these.

Phase Six simulation phase

The imitation phase is an important stage. There is no better way to learn coding skills than to imitate the code written by your hero-although it might be a line of code to copy them. Do not feel bad, any art occupation has his imitation stage! Fortunately, it's easier to get a silent envy on GitHub than at any time. Of course, copying will only make you go far, but it's really a good start! Imitate the person who inspires you, and eventually you will start your own style.

Stage seven arrogant stage

At this stage, you end up getting stuck in a groove. You still have a vast space for ascension, but your confidence is rising fast-perhaps too quickly! In the first few years, they say, you don't know enough to understand how little you know!

Resist the urge to become arrogant at this stage. Looking back at your past will only make you more capable in the future. Don't be sarcastic about those who "learn how to program", because not too long ago, you were also a rookie. Keep moving, don't blow people. We're all here-just at different stages.

Stage Eight learning Vitality

If you've ever looked over the shoulder of a developer and were amazed at how fast they were manipulating their code editor, it's likely that they were using vim. Although this requires a tortuous learning process, once you reach the top, your workflow is like magic to the bystanders!

At this stage you begin to apply, not only your coding skills, but also your workflow. The right tools are just as important as technology.

Stage nine code becomes art

Even though you've had nearly thousands of hours of hard work, one day you'll see your code as simple as the command line, which can be called a different kind of art. Your code has version control, good abstraction, perfect testing, scale design and good readability. At this stage of your career, you may be proud of the power of its function. Using all possible language features the Hide feature is not a mature developer. You can't simplify complex code into one line, nor does it imply cleverness. On the contrary, this card represents an arrogant developer.

Code as art is level-readable, which is as important as you do in the process, at which point your code is given to the person, not to the machine.

Stage 10 Experience

When writing code becomes instinctive, you reach the next stage of your career. You no longer want language or frame. Instead, you only see the problem, after the case choose to find the right tool from your coding tool to provide solutions. An experienced developer understands why the cowboy path is a rare and correct way. Each new feature will be discussed with all the members of the project, preparing the Whiteboard, writing a good story, and preparing for the test ... Before writing a line of production code, you've become a mature, thoughtful developer who wants to work with you. Congratulations!

Stage 11 stars

Very few people can reach this stage. Star Stage is the peak of the mountain, in addition to your daily work, you need to speak regularly in the meeting, as the leaders behind countless mainstream open source projects, but still need to take time to contribute to the future of the network, while assisting the new IRC line. You are the kind of person who has the pleasure of writing compilers and parsers!

Whether you are someone else's star or endure, despite the fact that you already hated the label. But you know better than anyone that you have to learn!

11 stages of career development of Shanghai Yuecheng Technology web Developer

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