11 tips for the young generation-Bill Gates

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Gates wrote 11 tips to the young generation that is about to leave school and step into society: 1. Life is unfair and you have to adapt to it. 2. This world does not care about your self-esteem, but asks you to achieve something before you feel good. 3. When you get out of school, you won't earn $60 thousand a month, nor be you vice president of a company, or own a car until the day when you make the money. 4. If you think that the teachers in the school are too strict, wait until you have a boss and think about it again. 5. selling hamburgers will not impair your dignity. Your grandparents have different understandings of selling hamburgers, which are called "opportunities ". 6. If you are in trouble, it is not your parents's fault. Do not pass on your responsibilities to others, but learn from them. 7. Before you were born, your parents were not as boring as they are now. They look like today because they have been paying bills and washing clothes for you over the years. So, before chatting with your parents, clean your room first. 8. Your school may no longer be classified as superior or inferior, but your life is not. In some schools, the concept of "failing" is no longer available. The school will give you continuous opportunities to make your progress. However, this is not the case in real life. 9. My life after I leave school is not as divided into semesters as I do in school, and I have no idea about summer vacation. Few bosses are willing to help you discover yourself. You must do it on your own. 10. Many scenes on TV are by no means real life. In real life, people must bury themselves in their work, rather than soaking in coffee shops every day as they do on TV.

11. Treat people you hate, because maybe one day you will work for such a person.

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