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A distribution frame is a device for end-to-end and connection of cables or optical cables. Interconnect or hand over the distribution frame. The complex distribution frame is a connection device connecting the trunk cable and optical cable of the complex. The distribution frame of a building is a connection device connecting the trunk cable and trunk cable of a building and connecting the trunk cable and trunk cable of a building group. A device that connects horizontal cables and horizontal cables of floor distribution frames to other cabling subsystems or devices. The optical fiber distribution frame will be introduced separately in the following sections. Copper distribution frames are introduced here.

The copper distribution frame system is divided into a 110 distribution frame system and a modular rapid distribution frame system.
Connection Management System of Model 110 The system was first launched by at&t in 1988 and later became a blueprint for industrial standards. The basic components of the 110 connection management system are distribution frames, connecting blocks, jumpers and labels. The 110 distribution frame is the core part of the 110 connection management system. The 110 distribution frame is a basic component made of flame retardant and injection molding plastic. The cables in the wiring system are connected to the end-to-end devices.
The 110 distribution frame has 25 pairs, 50 pairs, 100 pairs, and 300 pairs. Its kit should also include 4 pairs of connection blocks or 5 pairs of connection blocks (Figure 1-24), blank labels and label clips (Figure 1-25), pedestal. The convenient plug-in fast-connection jumper of the 110 distribution system can be simply and re-arranged, which provides convenience for non-professional technicians to manage the cross-connection system. The 110 distribution frame mainly has the following types:
110aw2: Connecting blocks of 100 and 300 pairs, with legs.
110dw2: 25 pairs, 50 pairs, 100 pairs, and 300 pairs without legs.
110ab: 100 pairs and 300 pairs of end blocks with connectors, with legs.
110pb-c: 150 pairs and 450 pairs of end blocks with connectors without legs.
110ab: 100 pairs and 300 pairs, with legs.
110bb: 100 pairs of connecting blocks without legs.
The disadvantage of the 110 distribution frame is that it cannot be used for secondary protection. Therefore, the installation of a distribution frame with over-current and over-voltage protection devices should be considered in the place of the incoming building.
The 110 distribution frame has five types of end-to-end hardware. 110a, 110p, 110jp, 110vp visipatch, and xlbet super large. The 110a, 110 P, 110jp, 110vp visipatch, and xlbet systems share the same electrical performance, but their performance, specifications, and wall field or panel sizes are different. Each hardware has its own advantages.
110a distribution frame. The 110a distribution frame is equipped with several pins, commonly known as the 110 distribution frame with legs (Figure 2-39 ). 110a can be used in all applications, especially for large telephone applications, or in scenarios with limited wiring space in the wiring room. Because 110a and 110p have the same number of wiring lines, 110a occupies half of 110p. 110a system is generally used CCW-F single line jumper, and CCW-F jumper performance only to three types, which limits the performance of 110a system when using CCW jumper its level can only reach three types. However, if the 110a patch cord is used, the performance can be improved to Category 5 or Category 6. 110a system is the lowest price component in the 110 distribution frame system.

Figure 2-39 branch imax scs 110a distribution frame Figure 2-40 branch imax scs 110a distribution rack installation

110p simple hardware appearanceThe simple and easy-to-use plugging patch cord replaces the cross-wiring, so the technical level of management personnel is not high. However, 110p hardware cannot overlap. Although the price of 110p system components is higher than that of 110a system, the cost can be reduced as it is easy to manage. The 110p distribution frame is composed of 100 pairs of distribution frame and corresponding horizontal trough and is installed on a backplane bracket. The 110p distribution frame has two types: 300 pairs and 900 pairs. 110p is composed of multiple 110dw distribution frames and 110b3 passing slots on 100dw. Its bottom is a semi-closed line frame (Figure 2-41 ).

Figure 2-41 generic imax scs 110p distribution frame diagram 2-42 generic imax scs 110p wiring installation Diagram

110jp refers to 110cat5 Jack panels, which is a 110 module Jack Distribution FrameIt has a 110 distribution frame device and a 8-pin modular Socket connected to it, this design prevents the use of intermediate components and reduces labor costs for module end connections at the 110 cross-connection site (Figure 2-43 ).

Figure 2-43 110 module Jack distribution frame diagram 2-44 110 module Jack distribution frame installation Diagram

110 visipatchTM is a 110 IDC technology innovation, unique reverse dark pile jumper management, increase the wiring density, reduce cable chaos, line management clean and beautiful, there are wall installation and Cabinet installation, and can be vertically stacked (Figure 2-45 ).

XlbetApplicable to the complex (Campus) subsystem, which is used to connect the telephone network cable from the central data center. It is designed because large cabling devices and dedicated small switch (PBX) are required in some places. It is very important to make full use of the space range of the IDC. Each module is designed according to the 24in (61 cm) × 23in (58.4 cm) standard and is separated by a single-chip or double-sided steel relay Guide with a height of 7ft (2.13 cm. The maximum load capacity of the terminal Frame System of the incoming lines of super-large buildings is the parallel installation of 110aw2-300 pairs. Each rack has a transparent indicator label. It consists of three main parts: frame module, distribution frame module and protection module. The frame module contains a lightweight welded steel frame in two forms: Single-sided 3600 pairs and double-sided 7200 pairs (Fig 2-47, Fig 2-48 ).

The following content is omitted:

Modular quick Distribution FrameIt is also known as a cabinet distribution frame. It is a 19 ''modular embedded seat distribution frame. the rear part of the Rack features a 10-day connecting block mounted on a printed circuit board (PWB, these connection blocks are intended for end-to-end workstation, device, or relay cable. The 110d insulated mobile connector (IDC) area is connected to the 8-pin Modular Block at the front of the distribution frame through the internal connection of the printed circuit board (PWB. The distribution frame is a 19 ''EIA RS-310 rail mounting unit that can accommodate 24, 32, 64, or 96 inserts. The height of the 24-port distribution frame is 2u (89.0 ). The rack mounting accessories Include labels and embedded icons to help you identify information points. When the rack mounting rack is installed on a 19 'standard cabinet, you must also select a horizontal cable management ring and a vertical cable management ring.
Modular and fast distribution frames make the management area clean and easy to maintain (Figure 2-63 ). As shown in 2-64, a 24-port modular distribution frame can end with 6 4 pairs of twisted pair wires. Of course, one pair is idle. It can also be connected to a 25-pair twisted pair wire.

Figure 2-63/Figure 2-64 modular quick Distribution Frame

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