11.javaweb Internationalization Tag Library

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Tags string back

I. International TAG Library

1, formatting tags provided by the tag library

2, Label detailed

2.1<fmt:setlocale> Label

The following sets the different areas and displays the dates under the set area

2.2<fmt:requestencoding> Label

2.3 Reading resource Files

First, create a resource file under the Web-inf/classes folder resource.properties

{0} represents a placeholder that can be set dynamically by <fmt:param>

Where Chinese needs to be encoded, you can use the Exlipse tool kit in the self-contained transcoding tool

Then set the name of the resource file to read through <fmt:bundle>

When the <fmt:bundle> tag is set to read the resource file name, you can use the <fmt:message> tag to read the value by key

Read Resource Example

Resource file

Read resources: Notice the difference between <fmt:bundle> and <fmt:setBundle>

JSP page

2.4 Digital formatting Tags <fmt:formatNumber> and digital anti-formatting tags <fmt:parseNumber>

<fmt:formarnumber>, formatting the specified number

<fmt:parsenumber>, to eliminate the format of numbers, as follows

2.5 Date Formatting Tags <fmt:formatDate>

Usage examples

JSP page

2.6<fmt:parsedate> Label

function:<fmt:formatdate> is to change a Date object to a string, and <fmt:parseDate> to convert a string back to the date type data


Use example: To change the previous long and custom date strings back to date data, you need to provide the string's pattern or style type when converting

2.7<fmt:settimezone> Label

Features: Set the displayed time zone and store the set time zone in a domain


<fmt:settimezone value= "time zone (used to set where to display)" >

<!--time display action--


Three, summary

11.javaweb Internationalization Tag Library

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