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The vast net of the sea, from one Web page to another page, this is the use of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are the foundation of the WWW World Wide Web.

Let's take a look at the addition of regular text hyperlinks. There are link and target two items on the properties panel of the text, which is related to hyperlinks.
Select the text you want, and there are four ways to link it to other pages.
You can enter the address of the page you want to link to directly after link. Note It is best to use a relative address instead of an absolute address.
The second option is to click the icon that follows, and then select the page you want to link to.
The third method is to use an icon. With the shortcut key F5 can open your definition of the local site file list, click with the mouse, do not loosen, drag to the page you want to link to.

(a method of hyperlink)

The final method is to use the mouse to drag the files in the local site file list directly to the properties panel after link.

OK, now you can set target. Target is used to define which window the linked page opens in when the hyperlink is clicked. Target Drop-down selection box is not selected, when the page is opened in the original window. To select in the next Drop-down box, there will be four options _blank, _parent, _self, and _top. _blank is the new open window of the page open, _self is opened in the original window. The remaining two open methods are only useful in the window frame structure, _parent is opened in the parent window and _top is opened in the topmost window.

Next is how to set up hyperlinks to the images.
The settings of the image hyperlink and the text hyperlink settings are basically the same. There are also link and target two items on the expansion mode of the image Properties panel, and the method of setting the method with the preceding text is not much discussed here. In addition, through hyperlinks, you can set up a client-side image map for the image, as detailed in the next section.

Open a page with a hyperlink, open in the window is the upper part of the page, if the page is longer, usually drag the scroll bar to the right of the browser to read the page below the section. You can then set an anchor to open a link that displays the middle or bottom of a long page in a window.
First, you need to insert the anchor in the middle or right place of the long page you are linking to.
Switch the objects panel to Invisibles mode, click on the first button in the upper-left corner, or click the Insert \named Anchor on the menu bar, or use the shortcut key ctrl+alt+a to pop up a dialog box. Enter the name of the anchor in the dialog box.
The settings for the hyperlink are then set.
To be able to link to an anchor, when the hyperlink is set, the address should be the address of the linked page, followed by a # symbol, followed by the name of the anchor you set.

Above is the link to the page hyperlink, in fact, is linked to the file but all files, not just HTML page files. When a file is a type that can be opened by a browser, such as HTML files, jpg files, GIF files, and so on, will use the browser to open these files, when the linked files are exe or ZIP files and other browsers can not open the type, these files will be downloaded, this is the practice of downloading online.

There is also such a hyperlink, when the viewer clicks will pop up the browser email letter window, the browser to write the text, you can send the designated email address. This is the email hyperlink, there are two ways to implement.
For example, below we will set up email super link to XXX@XXX.XXX this mailbox.
The first method, you can follow the normal hyperlink approach to the text or image set up a super connection, link should be filled in mailto:xxx@xxx. XXX can be.
The second method, directly click on the Objects Panel icon, that is, a pop-up dialog box.

(Email hyperlink)
Text after you enter the hyperlink display. After email of course input XXX@XXX.XXX.

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