12 criteria for determining whether you are rich or poor

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1. self-cognition
Poor people: they seldom think about how to make money and how to make money. They think they should do this all their life and don't believe there will be any changes.
RICH: I believe that I was born not to be a poor man, but to be a rich man. He has a strong sense of making money. This is also something in his blood. He will do his best to make himself rich.


2. Leisure

Poor people: watching TV at home makes soap opera a bitter sensation, and arming yourself with fashion on TV.
RICH: Even if you play koff in the market, you will not forget to bring the project contract with you.


3. Social Circles

Poor people: they like to go to poor relatives. The circle of the poor is mostly the poor, and they also reject exchanges with the rich. Over time, their mentality has become the mentality of the poor, and their thinking has become the thinking of the poor, this is the model of the poor. Every day, people talk about discount products and exchange saving skills. Although it is conducive to training and survival, your vision is gradually confined to such trivial matters, and your ambition is exhausted.


4. Learning

Poor: Learning crafts
RICH: Learning Management


5. Time

Poor: A person with plenty of time cannot make a lot of money. If you want to relax, you will lose more opportunities to make money. The time spent by the poor is worthless. Sometimes it is even redundant. I don't know how to handle it and how to mix it up. If you can get a pound of cabbage and spend a penny, you will be annoyed. This is a typical thinking of the poor.
RICH: no matter how much money a person makes or how little money he earns, he must go through time accumulation. Playing with the rich is also a way of working and purposeful. The idle, idle, self-cultivating, profit-fighting, and head of the rich are not idle for a moment. The idle, idle, and thinking of the poor are busy with his hands and feet, I was too busy to touch a few more on the mahjong table.


6. sense of belonging

Poor: A screw. When the poor think that their origins are humble, but they feel less secure, they are eager to trust and depend on a group, so they follow the standards of this group, make everything in line with the rules, work for the interests of the group, rush, and even migrate. For the poor, working stably in a famous company for decades, an intern has been serving as a senior supervisor, which is simply a perfect dream.
RICH: the leaders of those groups are usually rich people. On the one hand, they always instill in the poor: unity is strength. If you do not belong to your own group, you are nothing, A blank name .. On the other hand, they never stop recruiting and training new people so that they can replace you at any time.


7. Investing in and treating wealth

Poor: the economic point of view is that using less is equal to making more money. For example, if you start a noodle shop, the yield is 100%. If you invest 20 thousand Yuan, you will earn 20 thousand yuan a year. This is good for the poor. Even if the poor are rich, they are reluctant to take it out. Even if they are determined to invest, they are not willing to take risks. In the end, they still cannot take that step. The best thing for the poor is the chicken, egg, and so on.
RICH: the starting point of the rich is to make a fortune. In the same noodle shop, rich people will think that the capital of a noodle shop is only 20 thousand RMB. If there is 0.1 billion RMB, wouldn't it be necessary to open 5000 noodle shops? It should be managed one by one. How much do big bosses have to worry about and how many hairs should they get tired? It is better to invest in a hotel. A hotel is enough to digest all the capital. Even if the return rate is only 20%, there will be 20 million profit in a year.


8. Passion (whether or not you can do things depends on whether you have passion)

Poor: no passion. He is always step-by-step. It is difficult to make a big mistake and he will never do his best. Without passion, you cannot be excited, and you cannot devote yourself to your work. Most of the poor cannot say that there is no passion, but his passion is always too specific: The boss praises him, and he will be excited; the store discounts, he will be excited; when the TV was full, his tears swept down, and some of the poor were just emotions.
RICH: "is the ambition of Yan que an Zhihong? Wang Hou will be Xiang, ning has a kind "? With such passion, the poor will not be the poor! Passion is a kind of nature. It is a symbol of vitality. with passion, there is a spark of inspiration. With a clear personality, there is a strong appeal in interpersonal relationships, only then have the courage and methods to solve the problem.


9. self-confidence

Poor: the self-confidence of the poor must be armed to their teeth. They must wear a high-level brand name and have a luxurious configuration to bring them more confidence, the confidence of the poor is often not from the heart and nature.
RICH: Li Ka-Cheng said when talking about his business secrets: "In fact, there is nothing special about it. When it comes to good scenery, it will never be too optimistic. When it comes to poor scenery, it will not be too pessimistic ". It is actually a kind of self-confidence unique to the rich. Confidence can not be influenced by external forces, and confidence can have the right decision.


10. Habits

Poor: there is a story in which a rich man gives a poor man a cow. The poor started to struggle with hope. Cow eats grass and people eat. The poor sold the cattle, bought a few sheep, and ate one. The rest of the time was used to generate the lambs. The poor have sold the sheep and bought them as chickens. They want to make a living by making eggs, but the days have not changed. In the end, the poor have killed the chickens, and the ideals of the poor have completely collapsed, this is the habit of the poor.
RICH: according to an investment expert, the secret to success for the rich is: when there is no money, no matter how difficult it is, do not use investment and savings. pressure will help you find a new way to make money, pay off your bill. This is a good habit. Character determines habits and habits determine success.


11. surfing the internet

Poor: Go to 163/Sohu/chat online, chat with the poor. First, the poor spend a lot of time, and second, the mouths of the poor are born to be idle. the rich pay attention to honor and disgrace and are gentle and gentle, which is called conservation, only by conservation can we build a deep foundation. The poor will not be able to take care of that much. They will suffer from the white eyes of others all over the world, so they will not be able to talk about it? Reasonable chat!
RICH: Go to ****. com to find investment opportunities. Rich people access the Internet and use low-cost and high-efficiency networks to find more investment opportunities and projects and apply convenience to their own businesses.


12. spending money

Poor: brand names are bought to experience satisfaction. I like fashion products that have just been tested most. I believe that expensive products must be good.
RICH: brand names are bought to save time for selecting details. Compared with the prices of consumer goods, they care more about the quality of products, such as buying a cotton T-shirt of 15 yuan, and won't buy expensive Lycra products.

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