12 excellent open-source UML tools

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This article describes 12 excellent UML tools:

1. staruml

Staruml (SU) is a tool used to create UML class diagrams and generate class diagrams and other types of Unified Modeling Language (UML) charts. Staruml is a fast-growing, flexible, and scalable open-source project (zj ).

2. netbeans UML plugin

Currently supported: Activity diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram, state diagram, and use case diagram.

3. acceleo

Acceleo is an open-source code generator designed to allow everyone to apply the MDA Method to the development process and improve the efficiency of software development. Acceleo includes a set of tools and editors that make it easy to learn and suitable for any type of technology.

4. argouml

Argouml is an application software used to draw UML diagrams. It is constructed in Java and complies with the open-source BSD Protocol. Because it is built by Java, argouml can run on any platform that supports Java.

5. bouml

Bouml is a free toolbox for UML 2 that allows you to specify and generateCodeIn C ++, Java, and IDL compilers and PHP and python.

6. Eclipse UML2 tools

UML2 tools is a group of GMF-based editors used to browse and edit UML Model files. Currently, class diagrams, component diagrams, state machines, and activity diagrams are supported.

7. umbrello UML modeller

Umbrello can handle all standard UML chart types. It can reverse engineer the code written in C ++, IDL, Pascal, Ada, Python, and Java.

8. Frame UML

Frame UML is a free UML tool that supports UML 2.x.x. It can run on (2000/XP/Vista) and supports 12 types of graphs, but does not include object graphs, because object graphs can be replaced by other graphs.

9. umlet

Umlet is an open-source lightweight UML modeling tool. Umlet allows you to quickly create models and export SVG, JPG, PDF, and latex-friendly EPS in various formats. It can be run independently on Windows, OS X, and Linux, or by using the eclispe plug-in.

10. tinyuml

Tinyuml is an open-source tool that helps Java developers quickly and easily draw UML2 diagrams.

11. Taylor

Taylor MDA is an Eclipse plug-in for UML modeling tools. It focuses on the generation of ejb3 enterprise applications.

12. papyrus UML

Papyrus UML is an openSource codeUML2 modeling tool based on the eclipse environment.

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