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Dangdang, this series has not met you for a long time, because I have been collecting materials in recent months ......

As a typical geek, I am more and more excited when I see the flow chart, just like when I was in school, many EE students saw boards with high resistors, capacitors, inductance, and so on. Let's first praise the flowchart: She is the crystallization of human wisdom; it is a graphical representation of the information flow, opinion flow, or component flow flowing through a system; in the product design process, she can help me illustrate a process. In daily life, she can bring me endless happiness ...... Wait, happy? That's right. Let's get started.

For example, when K songs were used to get a flowchart, it was released in 1968. The song "Hey Jude" created by Paul carcatini, a member of the Beatle, knew this well and Its lyrics could be made.

Hey Jude lyrics Flowchart

Another example is to use a flowchart when playing a game. Oh, this should be World of Warcraft. Although I don't understand it, I appreciate this idea.

World of Warcraft Flowchart

Happy is not as good as happy, so the great Sheldon in the Big Bang theory invented the "how to make a friend" flowchart, Which is powerful! Of course, it's the Howard ghost version. He adds a counter to the far left of the graph to avoid endless loops ...... You can slam the picture to see the big picture.

Friends of SheldonAlgorithm

We may hear a joke when talking with our friends. What should we do at this time? Geek always thinks that the world is organized. At this time, we still have a flowchart! You can also press it to see the big picture.

How to treat a joke

If you are a friend of the opposite sex, maybe you want something to happen. At this time, I will send you a flow chart to determine if you're going to have sex on this date, Hahahaha.

From appointment to xxoo

Then, maybe you will fall in love? Get married? Yes, there is also a flowchart. You have to go through the mountains and rivers before you can get the beauty. In the same way, you can see the big picture.

From love to marriage

But what if I get married? What happened ?? What happened ??? Pessimistic.

What if I got married?

Therefore, the beer of Venus seems considerate and helps us draw a flowchart. However, I have never heard of this company? These figures focus on the differences between men and women. The following advertisement says: Thanks God you're a man! If you are interested in the details, you can still slam the picture to see the big picture.

Thanks God youre a man!

Thanks God again!

Thanks God again and again!

After waking up, you have to live and work. Since you are so fond of surfing the Internet, can you use the following flowchart to test whether you can become a web designer?

Can you become a web designer?

Entertainment, friends, love, work ...... In fact, our life is as simple as a flow chart. Here we sit and sit, and it passes without knowing it.

Place of life

Finally, I would like to thank you for providing the network of these 12 ecstasy flowcharts ,:)

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