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L human sleep is closely related to human lifetime

L The old man will easily wake up early at 4-5 in the morning.

L long acne is caused by cold drinks that young people like to eat and damage their stomachs.

L for ordinary people, sleep is the most important thing. It is good to sleep at and sleep after lunch.

L if the meridian is not smooth, it will be useless to eat any supplements.

L never think of bladder Sutra as a urine trap


Qu Limin, an associate professor at Peking University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been devoted to the spread of Chinese Medicine culture for many years. Recently, her continuous lectures on TCM health care on Beijing TV have received wide attention and praise from the masses.


Qu Limin's lecture is easy to understand. While enjoying the wisdom and mysteries of Chinese traditional culture, he understands the true meaning of TCM health care, people are interested in learning a lot of useful TCM health care essence.


At the invitation of the editor, Qu Limin wrote this article for this newspaper.ArticleTo notify readers.




It refers to AM to am the next day at night. At this time, it is a daring command. "Order" means shift.


The gallbladder begins from the human eye and goes down along both sides of the human's head along the side of the human body until the four toes at the foot. There is a very strange phenomenon in our life. After we finish our dinner at night, we will be sleepy at 8 or nine o'clock, but we will be awake from to, so now many people are used to work after. Some people always want to eat at in the night and find some food in the room. Why? This is because at this time, it is just because the Yang has started to grow. Therefore, a very important principle is that it is best to go to bed before so that we can slowly raise this vitality, A person's sleep has a lot to do with his/her life, so sleeping is just raising Yang.


In the dark of the day, Yang begins to grow. In the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, there is a saying that "Every 11 Tibetan site is daring ". Depending on the growth of the gallbladder, the growth of the gallbladder, the whole body of qi and blood can then start. In spring, the machine of growth has been raised for a year. When a teenager is a child, it is crucial to his life. When the child is a child, it is crucial to sleep for a day.


Ugly: Liver Sutra commands


Ugly refers to AM to am. This is the liver Sutra command. If you want to maintain the liver, you must have a good sleep at this time; otherwise, your liver will not be able to maintain. If you play cards all night, you cannot afford them.


At this time, although Yang was born up, what was the ugly look like in this time? The ugly word is like being held by the hand. It is like this time, although Yang is growing up, but you want to converge, you cannot let it grow up at once, so make sure it has some control, that is, there must be a reduction in the upgrading.


For example, if you have seen the Kowloon wall, you will find that the heads of the dragons are downgraded and the heads of the dragons are increased, this is the so-called upgrade. You must have a downgrade. The growth of the thing must have convergence, and the Convergence must also have growth. This is Chinese knowledge and is very flexible, it is impossible to add data to favorites without growth. So if you want to maintain liver and blood, you need to sleep from.


Delayed: Lung Sutra decree


Daylight Saving Time refers to the morning from to, which is the lung Sutra. The meridian of traditional Chinese medicine also starts from the lung meridian, and now the so-called July lunar January also begins from the meridian, which tells us that the real beginning of a day begins from the Meridian.


The human body's air conditioners let nature go, that is, starting from the lung Meridian. This time is the beginning of Yang Qi, so this time is the beginning of a person's transition from static to dynamic. It is the process of conversion, which requires a deep sleep. When a person sleep the most, it should be from to. This is precisely the process of the body's blood from the static rotation. It is done through deep sleep. Why is it easy for the old man to wake up early at this time? In fact, qi and blood are insufficient.


I would like to remind you that early exercise is not recommended if the old man's heart function is not very good. patients with heart disease must get up late and get up slowly. Evening is a haze, you can be active. In the morning, when the sun is shining, you just get better.


Daylight Saving Time: Large Intestine


Renewal refers to the morning from to. At this time, it is the large intestine. At this time, the sky was almost bright, and it was normal to wake up at five points. At this time, we should defecate normally and discharge the spam toxin. At this time, it indicates that the city is opened, that is, the anus is to be opened, so you need to develop the habit of defecation in the morning. Poor defecation, should breathe a sigh of relief, rather than blow.


The Chinese medicine has a particularly interesting sentence, that is, the lungs and the large intestine are in the form, the lungs are full of breath to have stool. The lung is in the Yin main, and the large intestine is outside the Yang main. If you have something to do with traditional Chinese medicine, you can always ask questions. In fact, this is a very important situation in traditional Chinese medicine. Asking about Defecation is to know how your heart and lung functions are. For example, a child's stool is different from an old man's stool. The child's stool was thick, big, and long, but it was very thin when it was so old. When the stool is very fine, it indicates that the heart and lung are particularly poor, which is called the lung and the large intestine. If the cardiopulmonary function is good, the stool function is good. The method for treating constipation with laxatives is wrong. It consumes a lot of vitality.


Chen Shi: Stomach Sutra


The hour refers to AM to am. At this time, it is the stomach Sutra. The Stomach Meridian is a long meridian on the front of the human body, and the stomachache is a problem of the Stomach Meridian. In fact, the knee pain is also a gastrology, and the foot pain is also a gastric meridian disease. Nowadays, many girls have acne. If you want to treat it, you need to cure it from the stomach. Young people with Acne often like cold drinks, which damage their stomachs.


From the beginning to the hour, it is actually the re-distribution of the human body. At this time, breakfast is to supplement nutrition. This is the most popular time in the world, so eating breakfast is the easiest time to digest. If you do not have breakfast, it will cause serious damage to the human body for a long time.


Remember to eat less for dinner, and eating too much for breakfast won't get fat. Because the spleen and stomach are being transported, you must eat more and better for breakfast. Eating and sleeping according to the laws of Heaven and Earth are not easy to get sick. Many people treat dinner as a dinner and ignore lunch and breakfast. This is not correct. You must have breakfast. It is as expensive as "Spring rain is as oily.


Daylight Saving Time: Spleen Sutra


The daylight saving time refers to nine o'clock A.M. to. At this time, it is the spleen Sutra. The spleen is mainly transported. At this time, the morning meal begins to run. Our stomach is like a pot. How can we digest it after eating? Then rely on fire to digest the content in the spleen and stomach.


So what is spleen? The right side of the spleen is a mean humble, just like an ancient hot girl, adding firewood and fan-ups. In the inner organs, the spleen is like a busy inner, but if she is ill, we will get the so-called Fugui disease, for example, diabetes.


There is still a problem with tracing. Don't underestimate it. At the time of getting older, everyone has some such symptoms, which is a bit embarrassing. Some people have big triangular eyes when they are young. when they are old, they are a small triangular eye. This is the phenomenon of weak spleen. Lip moistening, plump, and spleen function is good. If the spleen function is good, the muscles of this person will be very developed. If the human body suffers problems such as weight loss, drool water, and wet swelling, It is a spleen disease.


Midday: Heart Sutra


Midday refers to noon. At this time, it is the Heart Sutra. Chinese Culture attaches special importance to sub-hours and midday periods. Midday periods are characterized by midday periods.


The operation in the morning is full of Yang, and it is a Yin at this time. Sub-hours and midday hours are the conversion points of the air in the world, and the human body should also pay attention to the conversion points of the air in the world.


For ordinary people, sleeping at Midnight is the most important thing. It is good to go to bed at and sleep after lunch. Because the air of Heaven and Earth changes during this period of time, we should not stir it during the conversion. You are not so energetic to disturb the air of heaven and earth. What should we do? Rest, so as to remain unchanged.


The world is changing, and I will not change, so I will rest. Therefore, you must lie down for a while. It is good for you to take a rest.


At noon, the horse is a horse, and the horse is very powerful. Our heart is like a hot horse, always working hard, so we must treat it well. So in this time of yin and yang, people are better off.


Before: Small Intestine Sutra


Not yet, it refers to thirteen o'clock P.M. to. At this time, it is the small intestine. The small intestine is absorbed by the primary, and its function is to absorb the essence of food after being cooked by the spleen and stomach, and then allocate it to various organs. If you want to have a good lunch, the nutritional value of your diet should be higher. If you don't see more, you must be better. the nutritional value of lunch should be richer. If the absorption is poor, garbage will be formed in the human body. For example, some women have butterfly spots, which is a typical small intestine disease. Beauty is useless. According to Western medicine, it is an endocrine problem.


And the small intestine. The table is Yang, and the column is Yin. If Yang goes wrong, Yin goes wrong, and vice versa. Heart disease is probably initially manifested in small intestine Meridian. Some patients will be flustered at about two o'clock P.M. every day, but they can no longer find any problems with their hearts in the hospital. Because the small intestine belongs to Yang, it is outside. There is a problem in the sensitive area outside, and the heart inside will certainly be faulty. If such a problem occurs at three o'clock on the afternoon, it actually indicates that the problem of your heart begins to show up, Because Blushing is a kind of fire. Therefore, red is not a good thing.


Shen Shi: Bladder Sutra command


The time of application refers to fifteen o'clock P.M. to. At this time, it is the bladder Sutra command. Bladder Sutra is an important meridian, which is known as the sun in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a large meridian from both sides of the heel along the middle of the back leg and back spine to the brain.


For example, leg pain is the problem of Bladder Meridian, And it is yang deficiency, it is the mirror of the Sun Meridian. Cerebral pain is also a problem with the bladder, and the memory decline is also related to the bladder, mainly because the Yang is not up, the above qi and blood is not enough, so there will be a phenomenon of memory decline.


Never think of bladder Sutra as a urine trap. In the 12th Chinese zodiac, the monkey jumps up and down, and the meridian that can jump up and down. Therefore, in ancient times, the period of study is a good stage. If it is a normal person, the judgment of the period should be very good.


Some people may say, "I am uncomfortable at this time ". This indicates that there is a problem in the body. If you are particularly sleepy at this time, it is yang deficiency.


Youshi: kidney Sutra order


Youshi refers to PM to pm. At this time, it is the kidney Sutra. We Chinese are most concerned about kidney. The kidney master is excellent. What is precision? For example, essence is like money. Everything can be bought and everything can be realized. If there is a problem with the body's cell tissue, the "essence" will become it or help it. Essence is the most creative force in the human body. It is the most basic material that supports human life activities. When you need something, you can tune it out to get it. For example, if you are short of red blood cells, the essence will become red blood cells.


From another perspective, the vitality is inherent in us, that is, the so-called "one person lives one breath ". Where is the vitality hidden? It is hidden in the kidney. Therefore, when people reach a certain age, they have to pay attention to the kidney, and the body has a set of systems. If the meridian is not smooth, it is useless to eat any supplements, instead of trying to make up the supplements, it depends on your digestion and absorption capabilities.


One of the manifestations of kidney essence is ambition. For example, if the old man is not refined enough, the ambition is not high, and the child's ambition is high. So the first thing people need to do is to keep their own kidney essence.


Timing: rule on the Heart Sutra


Daylight Saving refers to from PM to PM. At this time, it is indicated by the rule of the heart. What is the heart? The heart is the outer membrane of the heart, which protects the normal operation of the myocardial muscle. At this time, a person should be prepared to fall asleep or enter the light sleep state.


The heart is not evil, so who will be evil? The heart is evil. Many people may suffer from heart problems and can be classified as a heart disease. If your heart is so powerful, the heart is infected with evil. First, the heart jumps, and then the problem keeps going along the Heart Meridian. The principle of traditional Chinese medicine is to go from the dirty to the inner, so when you know the meridian, you can treat this type of disease.


The peripheral function of the heart is specifically responsible for the "Joy"-"joy out of memory", and the main joy of the Heart Sutra. So to be honest, the human body should have some entertainment at this time.


If you think the middle finger is numb, there is a problem with the heart, because the middle finger is passed by the heart. If you think the small finger is numb, there is a problem with the heart. In addition, the thumb is the main lung meridian, so the big fish hair green is lung cold. On the one hand, the elderly need to observe more fingers and exercise more fingers, which is good for the body.


Renewal: trifocal Sutra order


Renewal refers to PM to pm. At this time, it is the trifocal point. In traditional Chinese medicine, sanjiao Sutra is a special concept.


What is "three focal points "? The trifocal point refers to the ominal area that is attached to the inner. Generally, the human heart and lung belong to the upper focal point, the middle Spleen and Stomach belong to the middle focal point, and the liver and kidney are under the focal point. The nature of "three focal points" is warm, just like a small fire. That is to say, our human body must maintain a low temperature, that is, "three focal points ". In addition, sanjiao must be smooth and not always ill.


What is the image of pig? If you are full, you can sleep. That is to say, when you get ready, you have to enjoy it. Only on this premise can a person be born with a new life, so that the person can get angry with the child. So we have to rest in the dark, so that both the body and the soul are immersed in the warm darkness, so that life and the body can be reincarnation in the rest.


This is our 12-hour health care rule for 24 hours a day.

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