12 Open source UML tools recommended

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Open source UML tools have been well developed over the years, and the days when the paid business UML tools were rare have gone. This article introduces 12 open source UML tools, which have different functions, and hope to help the readers a little.


    • A brief introduction to UML object-oriented modeling knowledge

    • A summary of UML object Relationship Learning

    • Five free UML modeling tools recommended

    • Using UML class Diagrams for Java application design

    • UML Fundamentals: A brief introduction to Unified Modeling Language

    • A few free UML modeling tools were introduced before the 51CTO fast translation 51CTO. This article introduces several free open source UML tools.

1. staruml

STARUML is an open source UML project that can develop a fast, flexible, scalable, versatile and free UML/MDA platform. This project runs on top of the Win32 platform. The goal of the STARUML project is to be a replacement for business UML tools such as rational Rose and together.

2. Netbeans UML Plugin

The NetBeans UML plugin currently supports the following UML diagrams: Activity diagrams, class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, state diagrams, and use case diagrams. You can arrange diagrams, drag patterns and classes, and so on in the diagram editor.

3. Acceleo

Acceleo is a code generator that converts a model into code (MDA mode). Acceleo provides the conversion of code such as jee,.net,php, as well as the template editor for Eclipse.

4. ArgoUML

ARGOUML is a leading open source UML modeling tool that supports all of the standard UML 1.4 diagrams. It runs on the Java Platform and supports languages in about 10 countries.

5. Bouml

BOUML is a free UML 2 toolbox that can be used to define and generate c++,java,idl,php as well as Python code. It runs on Unix/linux/solaris,mac OS X (Power pc and Intel) as well as on Windows. BOUML is fast and does not require much memory to manage thousands of classes.

6. Eclipse UML2 Tools

The UML2 tool is a series of GMF-based editors that can view and edit UML models. This tool focuses on automatically generating editors for all UML diagram classes.

7. Umbrello UML modeller

Umbrello UML Modeler is a UML diagram tool that is used in the process of software development. Especially useful in the analysis and design process. It can also be used for documentation of software design.

8. Frame UML

Frame UML is a free UML tool that supports UML 2.xx. Run on Windows, generate source code/chm from the model, or use JavaScript to parse the source code as a model. Supports 12 diagrams outside of the object graph.

9. UMLet

Umlet is an open source UML tool that has a simple user interface. It can quickly draw and export the diagram to Eps,pdf,jpg,svg and the Clipboard. You can use Eclipse to share diagrams and create new, custom UML elements.

Umlet can run separately or as an Eclipse plug-in on Windows,os X and Linux.

Ten. Tinyuml

TINYUML is a free tool for creating UML 2 diagrams quickly and easily. It runs on the Java platform and requires Java SE 6 and above.

One. Taylor

Tayler MDA is an eclipse-based, specialized UML modeling tool. It uses protocol-based technology to generate the most code from a pipelined UML model. Contains templates for Jee applications based on JPA/EJB3 and Jsf/seam/facelets.

Papyrus UML

Papyrus is a professional modeling tool in UML2. This open source tool is based on the eclipse environment.

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12 Open source UML tools recommended

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