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Auditors often encounter minor problems with word that they may not be able to solve, and here are some word tips for this career.

First, solve the Windows xp/2000 environment in Word imitation, italics _gb2312, etc. third font display fuzzy method

The current auditor in the use of laptops or LCD screen when the operating system is more than Windows xp/2000, in this environment, open Word using the National standard document font imitation, italics _gb2312 third, the computer display may appear the text has sharp edges blurred, very annoying. Sometimes auditors think that the computer is intrinsic or want to adjust and do not know where to start, so that the input time is a long dizziness. In fact, the solution is simple, whether it's in Windows XP or in WINDOWS2000, you open the desktop, right-click the mouse, appear menu, select "Properties"-"appearance"-"effect"-the "smooth font edge" before the check out, and then click "Apply"-"OK", the problem is solved, and see if the effect is different?

Second, do not switch transmission mode, quickly enter the decimal point in the number

Auditors in the end of on-site audit work, the preparation of audit reports, the need to enter a large number of audit data, if you are using the installation of Office with the Wubi font or pinyin input method, will be the decimal point in the input number in Chinese and English input method between the adjustment and worry. However, by using AutoCorrect in the Word tool, you can resolve this issue once and for all. Methods: Open Tools-AutoCorrect-AutoCorrect, and fill in replace with Replace with "...", respectively. ”、“.” (decimal point), click "OK", return to the word input interface, enter two after the input data. ", and then enter the data to see." "Has it become a decimal point". This method will allow you to enter a decimal point more than one ". , but it's much easier to adjust the input method than if you need to enter a decimal point in each input data. In this way, you can quickly enter the decimal point in the number by using the same input method in Excel. This method can be used for serial number corrections in text materials, if "1" is changed to "⒈", the correction of "0" in the year, if "200" is changed to "200", and the correction of "brackets" in the official document year, if "(" "(") "(").

Third, use version information skillfully, save all the changes before and after the original face of the document

We in the preparation of audit reports and other text materials, need to go through the main trial, group leader and so on many times, word in the "revision" provided some features, but can not keep every modified record, but in order to ensure the authenticity of electronic documents before and after the modification, Auditors sometimes need to save a file after each modification and also indicate when and who changed it, but it is a very troublesome thing. The "version" feature in Word solves all of the above problems, saves all changes with a Word file, and retains the original appearance of all modified files. Once you have built a Word file, first select "File"-"Version"-"Save Now", enter a document contributor, file time, and other items that need to be described, open the document after the reviewer has modified, opening "file"-"version"-"Now save", and then enter the document to modify the reviewer, Modify the time and other things need to be described, and then file processing, and finally save the file, so that a complete and comprehensive reflection of an audit report or other documents of the revision, validation and other electronic documents are concentrated in an electronic document, you can open to see all the changes before and after.

Four, the magical "ctrl+z", cancels the automatic item number

If you do not change the word default settings, enter: "First, basic situation," and then change the line, the system automatically changes its behavior into a project AutoNumber, and adds the words "two," on the next row. If you press BACKSPACE, you can delete the item number in the second row and not eliminate the item numbering in the first row, which means that the "one" in the first row has become the item number, not optional, after we continue to enter text, word "Automatic item number" Will directly affect the layout of the document effect. How to remove, use "ctrl+z" can play a role. We enter "one, the basic situation" after knocking back, conveniently click "Ctrl+z", everything OK, the first line or the original appearance, nothing changed. The reason for this is that there is an AutoCorrect feature in the word system, and you can automatically correct what you type by following some conventions. For example, we enter "1, the actual application of the computer" and hit the return, the system automatically made two actions, one is to switch to the next line, and the second is automatically the two lines into the form of automatic numbering. The role of "Ctrl+z" is to undo the previous action and revert to a previous step. We pressed the "ctrl+z" and just canceled the second action, the system does only one action, but does not do the automatic numbering, therefore in the later action, the system no longer uses the automatic numbering function "AutoCorrect" (That is, "AutoCorrect" is the automatic numbering form), you may prepare the paragraph title number according to your need.

The use of "edit-paste" function to facilitate the editing of copied text data

We sometimes copy the relevant selection in the relevant software interface and use "paste" in Word, which often copies the original format. If you copy several columns of text or data in Excel, when you paste in Word, the table format is copied instead of plain text, and when you browse the page with a "paste" in Word, you copy the page form so that you can't edit the text. If you use "edit"-"paste"-"unformatted text", then all the problems can be solved, the copy is in plain text format, you can copy over the text independently edited.

Six, use the "Replace" function, remove extra blank lines in Word document

Sometimes you need to remove many empty lines in a Word document, such as a document found from a Web site to a copy-only legal file, and a line of deletion takes time and effort, so we can easily fix it with the "Replace" feature (it's convenient to remove null in WPS), the Main method:

Open edit-Replace, position the cursor in the Find what input box, click the Advanced button, select paragraph mark (p) in special characters two times, display "^p^p" in the input box, and insert a paragraph mark (p) in the Replace with input box (a "^p "), and then press the Replace All button. This extra empty line will be deleted, if you find that there are some not to go away, can repeat it, if it is in the process of copying Web pages will also appear after the paragraph mark some space, then you try to find in the "^p" add a space, plus "^p", replaced by "^p", Then downloading some text material from the internet appears to be too many empty lines so that the high number of lines of the problem will naturally be solved.

If the above method does not go to the empty line, then you need to take a careful look at the newline paragraph mark, is the line wrap (the symbol at the end of the page is "?").), or manual wrapping (the symbol displayed at the end of the page is "↓"), and the line in front of it is an automatic line feed. A blank line formed by a manual line break ("shift+ carriage return") in a file is replaced with a "manual wrap (L)" in "special characters" two times, which is replaced with "^l^l" to "^l", which can be removed by a blank line. In short, use the replacement method to delete empty lines, to be flexible to find the content, otherwise you can not change ah.

Seven, the "table-header row Repeat" function, to achieve on each page can print row headers, and do automatically full page display

It's hard to make text in Word when you print a row heading repeatedly on each page, if you use Table function, the last page is how many rows to hit, there is no title, can not achieve full page printing. If you use the word "table-header row Repeat", you can achieve this function. Methods: Copy the Excel table to Word with the paste feature, and then select the section that you want to set as the header row, and click "Table"-"Repeat header row" to complete. Try to enter data or text in a continuous space outside the header line, and then change the line to the second page, is it automatic full page display? This function in the processing of the final accounts of the audit table, you need to be in the Word table for continuous entry needs to have a text title on each page to display, while the second page needs full page when it works.

Eight, use the "Insert-alignment-page-inside" function, so that the positive and negative text page can be printed in the correct position

When printing an audit report or other file that requires positive and negative printing, we will first ⒈⒊⒌⒎⒐ page number first in the right, the first dozen of these pages, and then to the opposite side of the ⒉⒋⒍⒏⒑ page layout on the left, and then to print, so that after printing the page number on the nature of the map, if the mistake, it will waste paper. However, you use the "Insert-alignment-page-Inside" feature, as long as the print interface to the first ⒈⒊⒌⒎⒐ page, and then the paper in turn to hit the ⒉⒋⒍⒏⒑ page, so that after processing the page number is naturally aligned.

Nine, solve the first line of text input indentation two characters problem

When you enter text normally you first indent two characters in the first line. You determine in paragraph-indent and spacing-special formatting that you want the first line to indent two characters, and paragraph-indent and spacing-measures will sometimes display centimeters, so you can't exactly calculate how many two words are. How do I handle it? Select the area first, then select font "Arial", and then select "Paragraph-indent and spacing-special format-first line indent", and then select "Measure" will appear indented two characters, click, you will not have to consider how many centimeters to indent.

Ten, use the picture processing tool, skillfully handles the digital camera the evidence material

We now generally use digital cameras to obtain evidence of the original material, its good concealment, the audit found in the problem is not finalized, often not for the audit unit to detect (in the past when the problem of the original data folding copy easy to find), but its subsequent image processing is not very convenient, It takes a certain amount of time to learn to use ACDSee or photoshp. In fact, Office2000 has a very useful image processing software Microsoft Photo Editor, combined with Word, you can easily handle digital image data. Method: The first step installs the picture software, carries on the safe installation to the Office2000, namely enters the loading program--"adds or deletes the function"--selects "runs all programs from the computer"-"starts the update" in the Microsoft Office drop-down menu, After that, you have installed Microsoft Photo Editor on your machine; the second step is to open all the pictures, and then one sheet of "cut"-"copy"-Open Word Document-"paste", the third step in Word from the "tools" open the format of the picture, the size of each picture, contrast, Black and white, etc. adjust, try to integrate all the attachments of a voucher on a page or a few pages, and then the need as audit evidence of the picture of the one-time printing, which saves paper, on the other hand, the formation of the audit evidence of electronic documents.

To provide Word files with Excel documents to facilitate the search and collection of audit documents

When we use Word to edit a file, we need to use an Excel file to compile some tabular data, and if the Excel form file such as the audit adjustment questionnaire required for the preparation of the audit report or other reports is consolidated into a word, it is helpful to find, modify and organize the file form information. You don't have to print the word and then go to Excel to find the Excel file for the printed file. Method: The cursor is moved to the end of the word file that you opened, open Insert-Object-created by file, browse to the right side of filename, select the file you want to insert, and then tick the "Show as Icon". An icon appears in the document, double-click to open the Excel file, note that this file has become a Word file attachment, save the Word file that saved the Excel file. Similarly, some Word files can be loaded in Excel. Consider printing a Word file will be the Excel file icon printed out, you can delete this icon, the Word file printing, and then with "Ctrl+z", undo just the action, you can restore the Excel file icon.

12, the Use of mail merge function, to achieve batch processing contains data text data

We handle letters, notices, inquiries, audit diaries, audit work papers, etc., its format is basically consistent, but the specific content and objects are different, if each time a single input printing, make the basic similar text format are repeated input, how to use their own data resources, Make this kind of duplication of work into an easy thing, with "mail merge" to solve, mainly using Excel data, in Word to set the location you need to enter, can be automatically generated, specific methods can be used in Word Help file learning.

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