12 tips for using virtual machines (graphics and text)

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12 tips for using virtual machines (graphics and text)

First, the advantages of virtual machine software:

1, can simulate the real operating system, do a variety of operating system experiments (such as: Build a domain server, build a Web server, build an FTP server, build a DHCP server, set up a DNS server, etc.);

2, the virtual machine snapshot function can be compared with the Ghost tool backup function, and can quickly create restore points, you can quickly restore restore points;

3, can bridge to the real computer on the Internet, better safeguard the security;

4, in the case of only 1 computers, the need for several other computers together to build a complex application environment, virtual machine can do;

5, can be in the virtual machine to test the more skeptical tool;

6, the real tool in the virtual machine to use the normal "premise to simulate the corresponding operating system";

7, can quickly clone the operating system copy.

Two, the virtual machine uses several small techniques (takes the virtual machine v9.0.1 as example):

1, with the real computer bridge, so that the virtual machine can be set up Internet;

2. Share data or tools with real computer;

(1), method One: Install virtual machine driver, restart then can with real computer directly drag files or tools;

After the reboot is done, and the real machine can be directly dragged between the file or tool.

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