12. Toad Notes Go language--garbage collection

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12. Toad Notes Go language--garbage collection

Garbage collection involves: threshold triggering, parallel tagging, and concurrent cleanup.

Or: Periodically forcibly reclaimed, freeing up physical memory.

Garbage collection efficiency is always at the heart of the Go version upgrade.

Threshold or Forced collection

Figure 1below:

Parallel tags

Figure 2below:

Serial or concurrent execution with user logic

Figure 3below:

If the threshold is too large, a garbage collection may not be triggered for a long time. Therefore, it is mandatory to check for recycling every 2 minutes

is very necessary. Every 5 minutes, the physical memory of the heap is freed for a long period of idle blocks.

In addition, in UNIX-like systems, physical memory is freed by recommending that the operating system kernel de-memory maps, but not the virtual memory. When used again, the kernel is re-provisioned with physical memory due to a fault of the pages.

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