1205 demand analysis of internship works

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A business need

1, now a complete set of navigation system is expensive.

2, the driver long-distance driving fatigue, easy to happen traffic accidents

3, only mobile phones are now common, easy to use and fast

Therefore, for some economic conditions are not ideal for owners, driving long-distance car owners. Developed the navigation system.

Two user-oriented

The majority of private car owners, long-distance transport vehicle drivers

Three user requirements

1 can realize the navigation function at low cost

2 can provide reminders when driving fatigue

3 basic navigation functions such as probe reminders, traffic lights, etc. can be implemented

4 easy to install and use

Four software requirements,

1 to realize the fatigue function of the detecting home users

2 Implementing basic navigation functions

3 implementation of installation applications on Android,ios systems

4 enabling voice operation functions

5 Achieve navigation accuracy

1205 demand analysis of internship works

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