12306 at least four deep SQL injection vulnerabilities in the official Mailbox System

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12306 at least four deep SQL injection vulnerabilities in the official Mailbox System

Don't look at the title to find the vulnerability. Don't bother!
The downloaded tangscan plug-in is amazing!

The downloaded tangscan plugin detects


Weak email password:


I wanted to see if there were any problems with the upload. Only SQL injection was found.



Http://mail.12306.cnpost: /app/simple/mail/Folder/list/Sent/0/20 */app/simple/mail/Folder/list/Draft/0/20 */app/simple/mail/Folder/list /Spam/0/20 */app/simple/mail/Folder/list/Trash/0/20 * all four SQL injection points

The injection point space must be replaced with % 20, or 404

When throwing sqlmap, The result injection point type is SQLite.


The results of the five tables are as follows:


SQLite outputs data in a different way. Change the way -- SQL-shell

Several pieces of data are read to prove the hazard




Check that SQLite can directly write shell, but you need to know the website path and do not play

Shell mode:

ATTACH DATABASE '$PATH\\shell.php' AS pwn; CREATE TABLE pwn.exp(dataz text); INSERT INTO pwn.exp(dataz)VALUES('');--



It's hard to get the ticket home!

I am a good citizen

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