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12306 since the start of identity verification, there has been a lot of controversy, and new policies are always studied and interpreted, leading to many people not knowing how to do it. I believe many people will ask "after 12306 registration, the account is activated, but the identity is to be verified. How long does it take "? Then many people say 7 days and 15 days or something. In fact, we can see that the time limit is not mentioned in the "Notice on railway Internet ticket purchasing identity verification" in section 12306, but there is a required behavior, many people may not do this. This is --""To be verified": indicates that the identity information of registered users and common contacts (passengers) has not been verified, and must be verified at the station ticket window or railway ticket sales site with the original ID card of the second generation residents.

Railway Internet ticket identity verification Notice: https://kyfw.12306.cn/otn/gonggao/t20140223_1435.html

After this upgrade, you must join common contacts to buy tickets for the other party. Therefore, you cannot manually enter the contact information on the ticket booking interface as you have previously done.

Add contact:

(1)Method 1: Add a contact on the Common contact page

Click "common contacts"> "add ".


Fill in the required information on the "add common contacts" Page:


(2)Method 2: Add a contact on the ticket booking page(It is not recommended to add a contact to this interface because you cannot select a gender for this method, which makes it easier for you to verify your identity)

Click Add PASSENGER ]:


Fill in the relevant information in the open interface:


Note: In this method, if you buy a ticket for a female for the first time without adding her to a new contact in advance, click the ticket booking page, select a contact, and click Add new contact, the system will pop up a window for you to fill in the information, but at this time you will be miserable, because there is no selective item in the window, and the default is male, when you fill in the information of a female, congratulations, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that this unlucky lady is already in the waiting for verification status. After that, no matter what you do, delete the contact and add it again, or use another person's account to add the lady as the contact, or apply for an account with her own ID card, the lady will always be in the waiting state for verification.


After adding a contact in either of the two methods, if the verification status of the contact is "approved", congratulations, you can purchase the ticket normally, if the contact's verification status is "waiting for verification",You must carry out the verification at the station ticket window or railway ticket sales site with the original ID card of the Second Generation resident ".


In addition, if the information you entered for the first time is incorrect, it is impossible to enter the correct information in the future. It is always in the waiting for verification status and can be eliminated only after verification.

And if your information is already in the waiting for verification status, even if you get your ID card to the train station to buy a ticket, if you do not tell the conductor that you need to verify, complete this procedure, when you go home, you will sadly find that your identity information is still waiting for verification, and you still cannot book tickets online.

ID card verification

It can be handled by others. I directly took someone else's ID card and told the staff to verify the ID card. Then the staff can click it on her.

(1)Go to the railway station for verification

Go to a railway station, and find the window that displays "real-name ticket report missing registration" and "online ticket purchase identity verification window" (other ticket selling windows have not been tried, because there are few people in this window), tell the staff to verify their ID cards.



At this step, some people thought it was over and waited for the contact to display "passed ".

You will find that "to be verified" is always displayed. What is the problem? Refresh is the same!

This does not mean that the verification is successful, but requires another step:


Click thisClick the edit button. Do not change the information after clicking it (if the information is correct) and save it directly.Then, it is OK, and the verification status is displayed as "passed.

Then, you can use the newly added contact to buy tickets!

(2)Go to the agent sales site for verification

Although on the 12306 website, you can go to any purchase site for verification, but the verification does not give money, and the purchase site relies on selling tickets to earn money. You may not care about you when you verify the website. Again, this feature was launched in March. People only need to say that I won't. If I have never done it before, you will have nothing to do with it. What people say is reasonable, finally, you only need to honestly run the railway station window for verification.

This method has not been tried. If you have the opportunity, you can try it.


1. First join common contacts and then purchase tickets online;

2. Add a contact on the Common contact page;

3. Be sure to go to the railway station for identity verification instead of buying tickets;

4. After verification, remember to click the edit button to save it again. It will not be updated automatically.



Reference Baidu experience: http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/2f9b480db29ae341cb6cc295.html

Railway Internet ticket identity verification Notice: https://kyfw.12306.cn/otn/gonggao/t20140223_1435.html

Http://zhidao.baidu.com/link? Url = 1vkfudbcwpo _-X8lw2ZLvaXEtIPcTkEjJCtywI6Qgazhf-CMvwW_7m_juw5b2XCisWJbIHM14eSCBfVhsu-etg64A_dpLjmHTUfG1hncZ1 _


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