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The first question: Firefox cannot access 12306.CN?

When you open 12306.CN on Firefox, you may encounter an error indicating that "This connection is untrusted", as shown in the following illustration:

This problem is due to 12306. The certificate of CN is not trusted, this is not an assistant problem. Please install the root certificate. If you do not want to install, use the following procedure:

1. Directly open the booking website https://dynamic.12306.cn/otsweb/(the author recommends that you always use this link to access the booking website)

2. You will see the following warning page:

Click on "I am fully aware of the possible risks" and click "Add Exception ..." and in the dialog box that pops up "Confirm Security Exception":

After such an operation, you will be able to access the booking site correctly. Second question: Firefox under 12306 booking assistant cannot run

Sometimes you normally visit the booking site, but found that the assistant did not run, the specific performance of the interface without any changes.

Please make sure your browser is new enough (version number >=14). Otherwise please update Firefox to the latest version (upper left menu-help-about-check for updates) and update your scriptish extension to the latest in add-on component Management (upper left menu-additional components-extensions).

Then confirm that the Scriptish icon on the attached component bar appears normal (as shown below), click the arrow on the right, and you should see a "12306.CN Ticket assistant for Firefox&chrome" script running, confirm "enable" And the pre-script hooks are already checked.

If you see a menu like this, "scheme is disabled" is shown above:

Then your scriptish settings are incorrect. Please click "Options" in the image above and select "Http/https" in the pop-up dialog box as shown in the following image:

If you do not see the assistant's Script menu, and no hint has been disabled, and when you open 12306, see the certificate revocation prompt:

or right-click the page of the booking website to see a menu similar to IE:

So your Firefox has a compatibility extension, forcing the page to switch to the IE core, resulting in the assistant invalidation. This may cause extensions to be "net Silver Payment assistants" (and possibly IE tab).

Click on the upper left corner menu, select additional components, in the pop-up dialog box below find your installed "NET Silver Payment Assistant", uninstall or disable it, and then restart the browser. The third question: Google browser prompts "please click Enable Notice"

In Google Browser, in order to improve the speed of operation and more effective reminders, using the Notify interface for desktop prompts. But in Google's browser, this is disabled by default. So the first time you run or after you deny permission, you might see a hint like this:

At this point, you are generally advised to enable the notification. To enable the notification, click on the "Click to enable Notification" button in the login screen, as shown in the following illustration:

After that, normally Google browser will be in the browser top bar prompts the following information:

Click the "Allow" in the picture. If you do not see this information at this time, then you have previously clicked "Deny", or you have banned such permissions in the global settings. To solve this problem, you can click on the small lock icon in the front of the address bar and make the following selections in the pop-up window:

If you click on the small lock icon there is no response, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest Google browser. If you are still unable to find it, consider setting it from the settings.

Open Google Browser settings and find the content settings:

In the pop-up window, locate the notification and set it as an enquiry or recommendation:

If you have previously clicked Reject, please click "Manage Exceptions" and remove the exceptions that have been set, as shown in the following figure.

Once the operation is complete, click on the button on the login interface. Question four: Google browser or Firefox browser can not pay

The proposed use of China Merchants Bank's mobile banking or UnionPay's quick payment to pay, more stable and reliable, do not recommend the use of IE tab or network Silver Assistant and ActiveX for Chrome and so on. If you are not sure, we recommend using a dual-core browser such as 3/4 roaming.

Question five: Leopard browser cannot install or run

Cheetah Browser until the latest version, the assistant still support, installation please choose to install the CRX version.

If there is no change to open the booking page after installation (that is, the Assistant is not working), please click on the Address bar icon and switch browsing mode to speed mode, as shown in the following figure.

Tip: Cheetah visit may be prompted by the risk is not trusted God horse, this kind of egg pain warning please take the initiative to choose to ignore and continue.

Question six: Travel 3/4 can't run 12306 ticket assistant

The assistant also supports traveling 3, traveling 4. To navigate the installation please use the extension of the special edition. There is no interface after the installation of the special edition, but it can be automatically effective as long as it enters the https://dynamic.12306.cn/otsweb/.

If the page does not change after entering the booking page, click on the right side of the address bar to toggle the icon to lightning-like speed mode, as shown in the following figure.

In the Surf 4, the default this toggle button is no longer displayed, at this point you need to go through the menu to switch. You can switch directly through the menu, as shown in the following figure.

You can also first make the mode switch icon out, and then through the icon to make (the author found this more consistent with the original operating habits), as shown in the following figure.

PS, in the travel 3 visit booking website, still may have the content of the egg pain is not safe warning, please take the initiative to choose to ignore and continue, do not blame Tiero, others are not easy, every day scolded the seventh question: the Ministry of Railways sealed IP how to do?

Some students brush a little more, the result called the Ministry of Railways to the IP. What is the performance of IP? is to see "Network error" when refreshing, or to show "Access Denied".

In general, the Ministry of Railways will be able to unpack within 3-30 minutes, what if you want to visit it immediately? You can do this:

Open ip138.com, query dynamic.12306.cn, record IP

Open Notepad, if it is a Windows7 system, remember to right-click the Notepad icon to select Administrator status to run, open hosts (c:windowssystem32driversetchosts)

followed by one line: Check the IP address (space) dynamic.12306.cn; If you have previously added to modify, then find the corresponding row to modify the previous IP.

Save, and then re-access on the line.

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