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May I ask which E-commerce site can not be optimized, no ads, do not use any network marketing means, the site function is extremely common, the page design is confusing, and accompanied by less than ideal user experience but still able to reach hundreds of millions of traffic? Today will be divided (spit) analysis (trough) This site, not the ticket to the students, It's time to transfer to 12306.

a:1~2~3~0~6~! (At this time everyone in unison.) )

12306 the user experience of the website is "sad", even if you have not actually operated, perhaps should also have heard. But after the big revision in the late 2013, whether it's web design or user experience, 12306 sites are really quite different from the previous version.

For example, the homepage of the site, before the revision of the user experience is completely without any embodiment of the idea.

The first screen on the site how important it is not to say, especially the electricity business site. But 12306 as a ticket ordering website, the first screen part of the show some insignificant content, the slide in the form of the "station style" and the site in the middle of the "latest dynamic" and so are unnecessary plate, these unimportant content unexpectedly accounted for the first screen of 85%. and designers in the upper left corner and the upper right corner of the display using the image rotation display method, which will make the site in large traffic access when the loading speed is more affected.

With respect to navigation, the design of older Web sites is also unacceptable to users. Just mentioned, the first screen of 80% are unimportant content, and the remaining 15% is navigation, a navigation accounted for 10%, the first screen a total of 1 half navigation (1 head horizontal bar navigation + half fixed side navigation ...)

Ps: It is really difficult to understand, the Web page logic is too unclear.

After the revision of the 12306 home page to avoid a lot of similar problems, plate division clear many, can allow users to find their own content in time, layout and style are more concise. The first screen disappeared a lot of unnecessary content, so that users in the page no longer do not start; Navigation design is also more tidy, from the old version of the 8 columns reduced to 5, and in the mouse hover when the interactive effect, more conducive to the selection of users.

The new version of the 12306 Web site not only abandoned the old version of the defects, a number of additional features, such as ticket ordering page automatic query function.

As long as the "Open automatic Query" option is checked, the system will automatically update according to the content you have filtered, reducing the number of clicks of the user.

And the less-than-insignificant "more options". When expanded, users can enter priority trips and Sibe (up to 5 preferences), alternate dates (up to 5 alternative dates), and choose whether to automatically submit the filtered ticket information.

Ps: This is called Rob Ticket!

Although the revision in a certain part of a great upgrade, but there are still deficiencies.

When we click on the ticket booking page, we will be inundated with bold fonts, which will make the user feel uncomfortable. A small amount of bold can play a prominent role, while a large number of bold text plus a dense combination of rows and columns ... can only cause vertigo!

On the Internet, I've seen this complaint:

For similar issues, the site in the design of the time does not exclude the user's own uncertainties, but in order to enhance the user experience, the site should still be in the user purchase conflict ticket pop-up prompts, or in the refund deadline days before the text asked whether the refund, so that the site more humane.

About 12306 website's biggest characteristic, the stage big peak traffic must be one of them. Statistics show that every year to major holidays, 12306 Web site traffic can turn 10 to 20 times times than usual. These amazing data seem to make us see why some users are always complaining about the slow, but how to avoid it, which requires the site to consider the solution according to the specific circumstances, such as the use of more databases, or the use of web site queuing mechanism, when access will be near the online, Can be implemented account still a period of time after the automatic exit, relatively reduce the pressure on the site.


Some people say that 12306 is a "magical" site, because even if the user experience is very poor, the traffic is still at some specific time high to the burst table!

But we believe that although 12306 has achieved considerable user viscosity, it is not easy to relax with the user experience. Many users accuse 12306 websites of being porous from the design stage, and the code quality and user experience are far from mainstream internet companies. Such calls that the site has a lot of places to think and improve, so that "magic" to become the real magic, and even the combination of multisectoral cooperation, so that the purchase of train tickets is no longer a set of psychological, endurance and character of advanced skills.

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