cannot be accessed. You do not have the permission to: GetObject

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Solution: cannot be accessed and 0x800A0046 has no permission: 'getobject'

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Generally, you can enter

Http: // localhost
Http: // local computer name
Http: //

When you enterHttp: //, you need to enter the user name and password on the machine. There are two scenarios:

One isTo test IIS, access is iisstart under "System Disk \ Inetpub \ wwwroot. asp, followed by iisstart. asp jumps to localstart again. asp, and enable iishelp at the same time. "Localhost" and "computer name" are all correct. However, when you enter, the dialog box is displayed, and you need to enter your account and password.

The second case isCreated a virtual directory, which can be accessed through "localhost + virtual directory" and "computer name + virtual directory". Similarly, " + virtual directory" cannot be accessed.

Although they are the same symptoms, they are different.

First, throw the first rule:To make the inputHttp: // sure that "Anonymous Access" is enabled for both direct access and virtual directories.

Now we can quickly solve the second problem, such as the operation: Open IIS, right-click the "Default site", select "properties" from the pop-up menu, and open the panel, select "Directory Security" and click "edit". If you do not select "Anonymous Access", select "OK" to solve the problem.

Access " + virtual directory". solution 2

However, this problem involves a small number of people, and it is not a case to simply select it. Let's look at it again.

In this case, even though does not have the required password input dialog box, a new problem occurs. Similarly, enterHttp: // localhostThe same error is reported by many people:

Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime error (0x800A0046)
No permission: 'getobject'
/Localstart. asp, row 40th

So stop here now and analyze the cause.

If there is no "Anonymous Access" at first, you need to provide the account password. If there is "Anonymous Access", an error occurs. Note! This is for direct access to

Therefore, "Anonymous Access" is the account and password provided to solve the problem of " + virtual directory, of course, it also solves some problems of direct "" Access (no account password is required)

This "Anonymous Account" is useful.

But now we need to solve this new problem:Microsoft VBScript runtime error (0x800A0046): 'getobject'

Generally, the following methods are provided: Separate "iisstart. asp" and "localstart. asp" to cancel "anonymous access"

Wait. It looks good. I didn't typo it.

The solution to "(0x800A0046) No permission: 'getobject'" is"Separate"For these two filesCancel"Anonymous Access"

Procedure: Select "localstart. asp file, right-click the file, select "properties" from the pop-up menu, open the panel, select "file security" for "edit", and cancel the selection before "Anonymous Access" access.

The same operation procedure applies to "iisstart. asp.

Now,Http: // localhost"Can be accessed, solvedMicrosoft VBScript runtime error (0x800A0046): 'getobject'.

At this point, we will analyze:

1. To make accessible, you must set "anonymous access"
2. To enable "iisstart. asp" and "localstart. asp" to access the service properly, you must separately disable "anonymous access"

After the above settings, the localhost, localhost + virtual directory, and + virtual directory can be accessed normally, leaving alone access. The above analysis seems to be in conflict.

So, let's see what this "Anonymous Access" is?

The username is "BLUECOM \ IUSR_BLUECOM", and the password is controlled by IIS. Among them, "BLUECOM" is the "computer name" of my machine, and each person is different. Then "IUSR_BLUECOM" is "IUSR _ computer name.

What is the "IUSR _ computer name? It is an "Internet Guest Account" and an "built-in account for anonymous access to IIS". It belongs to the "Guests" group.

When using this account, localhost displays "(0x800A0046) No permission", which seems to be related.

Then, my final perfect solution is to use "anonymous access" to ensure that all pages can be accessed without a password input box. At the same time, replace the "Anonymous Access" account. Instead of using the "IUSR _ computer name" account, use my XP Administrator to log on to the account.

Start IIS and right-click the "Default site". Select "properties" in the pop-up menu, open the panel, and select "Directory Security:

1. "edit"
2. "Browse" Users
3. "advanced"
4. "query" Users
5. Select the local XP Logon User Name
6. "OK", always "OK" to the end

In addition, it is important to select "inherit to overwrite" two files "iisstart. asp and localstart. asp. Otherwise, you need to add the "Anonymous Access" of the two files separately, and add the account to the XP login account you just set.

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