12c checking the PDB database status

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Daily tasks need to remember these two views and check the PDB status
<roidb01:cdb:/home/oracle> $sqlplus/as sysdbasql*plus:release Production on Sat Jan 17:52:42 2018Cop  Yright (c) 1982, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected to:oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release productionwith The partitioning, OLAP, Adva nced Analytics and Real application testing optionssql> show Con_namecon_name------------------------------cdb$ rootsql> desc Cdb_pdbs;    Name Null?                                    Type-----------------------------------------------------------------------------pdb_id                                      Not NULL number pdb_name NOT NULL VARCHAR2 ($) DBID                                               Not NULL number CON_UID NOT NULL number GUID                                       RAW (+) STATUS VARCHAR2 (9) CREATION_SCN     Number VSN                                           Number LOGGING VARCHAR2 (9) Force_log GING VARCHAR2 (3) force_nologging VARCHAR2 (3) Con_i  D not NULL numbersql> col pdb_name for a30sql> select Pdb_id,pdb_name,status from    Cdb_pdbs; pdb_id pdb_name STATUS----------------------------------------------------------2 Pdb$see D Normal 3 PDB1 normal 4 PDB2 NO Rmal 5 PDB3 NORMAL 6 PDB4 normalsql> desc V$pdbs;    Name Null?                                             Type-----------------------------------------------------------------------------con_id Number DBID number CON_uid number GUID RAW (+) NAME VARCHAR2 (+) Open_mode VARCHAR2 (Ten) RE Stricted VARCHAR2 (3) Open_time TIMESTAMP (                                         3) with time ZONE CREATE_SCN number total_size Number Block_size number Recovery_status V ARCHAR2 (8) snapshot_parent_con_id numbersql> set line 200sql> Select Con_id,name,open_mo    De from V$pdbs; con_id NAME Open_mode-------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------2 pdb$seed REA D ONLY 3 PDB1 READ WRITE 4 PDB2 Read WRITE 5 PDB3 READ WR  ITE 6 PDB4 READ writesql>

12c checking the status of the PDB database

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