12.Linux resolution mismatch between Chinese and foreign monitors

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Discover a tool for Arandr. The Arandr is a GUI tool that provides Ubuntu with the ability to set display resolutions and how to extend them.

Use ubuntu under install command:

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  1. sudo apt-get install Arandr

Enter in terminal after installation is complete
Arandr appears as shown in the interface

At this time just adjust the position of LVDS1 and VGA1 click on the upper left corner of the tick, found to change over. Note that because my external display is connected using the VGA interface.

So here is the VGA, if it is HDMI or other, here is not sure to show God horse content. The result of the adjustment is as follows:

But one problem is that when you expand, the mouse clicks on the sidebar sometimes don't work. However, the extension screen is now OK, it is convenient to drag on the two interface.

12.Linux resolution mismatch between Chinese and foreign monitors

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