12th article: HTML Basics

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    1. HTML overview
    2. HTML Common Basic Tags
    3. CSS Format Introduction

First, HTML overview

1. Definition:

HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, written to the browser language, the most widely used language on the web today. HTML is also constantly updated, the latest version has appeared HTML5. There are many new features in HTML5, and some of the old elements have been abandoned. After we have written the HTML file, open it in the browser. Mainstream browsers include IE, Firefox, Chrome, Goole, and more.

2. Label elements:

HTML elements consist of a start tag and an end tag. such as <p>/<p>,

3. Basic Architecture:

The structure consists of the head of the Web page and the body of the Web page. Here's an example:

<! DOCTYPE html>

In the example above, the first label

Second, HTML common basic tags

1.h Tags:

The HTML title (Heading) is defined by tags such as

<! DOCTYPE html>

2.P Tags:

The HTML paragraph is defined by the <p> tag.

<! DOCTYPE html>

3.A Tags:

HTML links are defined by the <a> tag.

<! DOCTYPE html>

4.IMG Tags:

<! DOCTYPE html>

5.hr Tags:

<HR/> Tags Create horizontal lines in the HTML page.

The HR element can be used to delimit content.

<! DOCTYPE html>

6.UL Tags:

An unordered list is a list of items that are marked with a bold dot (typically a small black circle).

The unordered list starts with the <ul> tag. Each list item starts at <li>.

<! DOCTYPE html>

7.ol Tags:

Similarly, a sequence table is a list of items that are marked with numbers.

The sequence list starts with the <ol> tag. Each list item starts with the <li> label.

<! DOCTYPE html>

8.DL Tags:

A custom list is not just a column of items, but a combination of items and their annotations.

The custom list starts with the <dl> tag. Each custom list item starts with <dt>. The definition of each custom list item starts with <dd>.

<! DOCTYPE html>

9.table Tags:

The table is defined by the <table> tag. Each table has several rows (defined by the <tr> tag) and each row is split into several cells (defined by the <td> tag). The letter TD refers to the table data, which is the contents of the data cell. Data cells can contain text, pictures, lists, paragraphs, forms, horizontal lines, tables, and so on.

<! DOCTYPE html>

10.form form:

(1) Text:

<input type= "Text" > defines a single-line input field for text input.

<! DOCTYPE html>

(2) Password:

<input type= "Password" > defines a single-line input field for password input.

<! DOCTYPE html>

(3) Radio:

<input type= "Radio" > Defined for radio buttons.

<! DOCTYPE html>

(4) CheckBox:

<input type= "checkbox" > defined for the Check button.

<! DOCTYPE html>

(5) Submit:

<input type= "Submit" > defines the button used to submit a form to the form handler (Form-handler).

A form handler is typically a server page that contains a script to process the input data.

<! DOCTYPE html>

Third, the introduction of CSS format

CSS three ways of referencing:

1. Label Introduction:

<! DOCTYPE html>

2.id Introduction:

<! DOCTYPE html>

3. Class Introduction:

<! DOCTYPE html>

12th article: HTML Basics

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