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How to create the image-less from google.com

Some form elements that have no pictures and are completely controlled by CSS. It is said that Google has recruited a number of design experts specializing in some of this technology.

How to Create a Image Gallery with easily switchable views

This photo album has two views: text and a pure picture effect, which can be flexible to switch between.

An animated Sharing-bar that includes a 3D carousel Effect

3D rotation effect Display share button, with animation effect. WordPress's tab cloud seems to have this effect as well.

Facebook Style Footer Admin Panel with CSS and JQuery

Like Facebook's bottom management panel, put some common management buttons at the bottom of the site.

Sliding-doors technique to create buttons using sprites

Sprite technology for reducing server burden

JQuery Mega-menu with Slide-down effects

A rich navigation button that can show wider and more atmospheric navigation.

JQuery fly-to-basket Effect for Online Stores

Click the "ADD to basket" button and the merchandise slides to the right shopping cart, very cool.

Fancy quotes using JQuery, CSS and Ajax

Click on the right side of the summary list, the right list automatically scrolling, after the mouse clicks, the left side show details.

Givalabs Ibuttons–a different way of displaying your checkbox

A checkbox with an animated effect

JQuery impromptu–a Sleek, light-weight and simple way to add user-prompts

A smooth, lightweight user tip box.

Niceforms–easy Form skinning for the masses

Very beautiful form element skin, you can beautify the checkbox, select and input field and other elements.

A Very Simple Change to your layout–fade on and fade-out effects for main page icons

Fade and fade effect of page icon

A colorful accordion with bounce effects

Accordion effect with color

English Address: http://addyosmani.com/blog/13-jquery-user-interface-tutorials-to-improve-your-designs/

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