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Today, cloud storage has already moved from a concept into the life of ordinary consumers, while the cloud storage services market is a mixed bag, with uneven quality. In this paper, according to the user's different consumer needs to organize some excellent cloud storage services to share with you, I hope that each user can find suitable for their own cloud storage services, so that it really plays a role in daily life.

Best Free cloud storage service--mediafire

Mediafire is a free cloud storage service that can provide up to 50GB of storage space for users. and Mediafire supports a wide range of platforms, from PCs, Linux, Macs to iOS and Android, where users can access cloud files from their clients anytime, anywhere. The only drawback of Mediafire is the limit on the size of uploaded files, users can upload only 200MB of files below. Mediafire is definitely your best choice if you don't want to put money into the cloud storage service and be able to accept limits on the size of your uploaded files.

Other recommendations:


Like Mediafire, Mega provides a free storage space of 50GB, and users can choose to spend 15 dollars a month (about 93 yuan) to upgrade their storage space from 50GB to 500GB. But so far, mega only for one Web application, and a single upload file size limit of 300MB. Its developers say the corresponding clients are being developed, and they promise that once the mega client is pushed to the market, it will cancel the upload file size limit. There is no doubt that by then Mega will surpass Mediafire as the best free cloud storage service.


ADrive is also a good free cloud storage service. ADrive offers free space with Mediafire and mega at the same level, also for 50GB. Its upload file size is limited to 2GB. But adrive only iOS and Android clients, users cannot use adrive on their computers. ADrive's mishap lies in the compulsory promotion of mail and advertising, which may affect adrive become the user's first choice.

Best large-capacity cloud storage service--carbonite

Users spend only 60 dollars a year (about 372 yuan), they can enjoy the unlimited cloud storage space provided by Carbonite. And like Mediafire, Carbonite also has PCs, Linux, Macs, iOS and Android clients, and users are also very handy to use. Carbonite Although there are 4GB upload file size limit, but the average user can not reach the upper limit of 4GB, basic to ignore. Carbonite Another advantage is its automatic backup function, Carbonite will automatically back up the user's cloud files, exempt customers from the worry of missing files.

Other recommendations:


Backblaze's price is cheaper than carbonite--50 dollars a year (about 310 yuan) can be exchanged for unlimited cloud storage space. But Backblaze doesn't support Android, so if you're an Apple user, Backblaze will be your choice.


The price of Bitcase unlimited cloud storage is a little more expensive than the previous two, which is 70 dollars a year (about 434 yuan). In terms of compatibility, bitcase only lacks support for Linux systems. In fact, there is no limit to upload file size is bitcase real selling point, so if you often store high definition movies in the cloud, such as large files, Bitcase is the best choice.

Best cross-platform cloud storage service--sugarsync

SugarSync supports almost all mainstream platforms, not just PCs, Macs, iOS and Android, but also BlackBerry, Kindle and Windows Phone 8. If you have a higher requirement for Cross-platform file sharing, try the 5GB free storage space offered by the SugarSync, or upgrade to 30GB each month with 5 dollars (about 31 RMB).

Other recommendations:


Compared with SugarSync, Insync lacks support for the Kindle and has no free capacity for users to choose from. If you want to use Insync, users need to spend 2.5 dollars a month (about 15 yuan) to buy 25GB of use space. And the Insync also has a 10GB upload file size limit.


Box has increased its support for webOS than Insync. Users can choose to use box for free or to spend an annual fee of 40 dollars (about 248 yuan). Free use space for 5GB, upload file size limit to 250MB, and when the use of the space to increase to 20GB, upload file size limit is 1GB.

Best Windows Cloud storage service--skydrive

Microsoft's own SkyDrive is undoubtedly the best cloud storage service on the Windows platform. The pure Microsoft lineage ensures good compatibility with Windows 8. As for the use of capacity and price, SkyDrive to provide users with 7GB of free space, and users can also pay to upgrade to 20GB,50GB or 100GB, the price of the three is 15 U.S. dollars per year (about 93 yuan), 25 U.S. dollars (about 155 yuan) and 50 U.S. dollars ( About 310 yuan). SkyDrive upload file size limit is 2GB.

Best Mac Cloud Storage Service--icould

Like Windows and SkyDrive, the best Mac cloud storage service is not icould. Although the 25GB capacity needs 10 dollars per month (about 62 yuan), and 250MB upload file size limit is also somewhat too small, but Icould and Mac OS X for deep integration, Apple Music services, system backup, file transfer, Notebook and tablet equipment product line and other elements of organic integration, and very close contact. Of course, Icould's functionality is limited to Apple devices, so if you have an Android phone in your hand, it's recommended that you consider other options.

Best Integrated Cloud storage Service--google Drive

If you don't have any particular requirements, then Google Drive is fully capable of meeting your daily needs. You can use Google Drive on Web pages, PCs, Macs, iOS, or Android devices. Google drive to provide users with 5GB of free storage space, enough users to daily use, if users need more space, you can choose to upgrade to 25GB space, the cost is 2.5 U.S. dollars per month (about 15 yuan), but also upgrade to 100GB space, the monthly cost of 5 U.S. dollars ( About 31 yuan), or upgrade to 1TB, a monthly fee of 50 U.S. dollars (about 310 yuan). Google Drive upload file size limit of 10GB, is believed to be enough for ordinary users to use.

The most popular cloud storage service--dropbox

Mention cloud storage service, have to say Dropbox. Compared to other cloud storage services, Dropbox may not have the advantage of free storage space and price, but Dropbox has already launched its own name and become an indispensable member of cloud storage services. Of course Dropbox's advantages are obvious: application consolidation is extensive and there is no upload file size limit (uploaded via desktop and client). And now Dropbox users to invite friends to use Dropbox, free capacity will increase to 18GB. At the same time, Dropbox also pledged to integrate mailbox, which will further entice users to use Dropbox.

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