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Now, the computer is no longer entirely our office tool, after work, we through it to watch movies, listen to songs and so on. But sometimes when listening to songs or watching movies, suddenly the computer did not sound, let us helpless, how to do? The Windows operating system is lost in many cases due to the sound card and its drivers, and in most cases we can choose to reinstall the sound card driver, but this is not entirely the case. Here is a description of the Windows operating system often encountered some sound failures, and the corresponding solution.

One, the computer boot without sound hardware reason

If there is no power supply, check PC power, power connector and power cord power:

1. Check the chassis power supply interface and power cord is intact, if the interface and power cord broken broken should be replaced in a timely manner;

2. Check the motherboard power cord socket, if no damage will be pulled out and then inserted, can generally solve the motherboard due to poor contact caused no electricity supply;

3. Check the chassis power supply, we generally use the substitution method for detection, to try the power box to another computer, foreign people have introduced another way to test the ATX power supply is working: First, check the power box on the external switch to see if it is on the off file, and then convert it to 115V Gear, so that the power cord on the power box has electricity; second, the preparation of a 6-7-centimeter power cord, and again, the power cord and power cord sockets connected, while checking the hard disk, the CPU fan drive power cable is connected, and then if the power box behind the two-level switch, and then open, and finally, check the Power fan, If there is a problem with the chassis power supply, the chassis power supply fan will not rotate.

4. Check the switch on the chassis power supply to see if it is properly connected to the motherboard. Check the jumper on the motherboard, locate the jumper that controls the power supply try to shorten the jumper, if the motherboard is working properly, this jumper is already problematic (mainly because the jumper pins and jumper caps are not well contacted to cut the short jumper pins to make the two fully coupled).

In addition, in the operation of the process of attention do not let the motherboard to contact the metal chassis, the general we will be the motherboard and power from the chassis out, put on the adverse conduction objects above, such as wooden desktop, such as if there is electrostatic import, easy to cause the motherboard short-circuit so we should pay special attention

Second, the computer boot without sound software reasons

computer appears no sound problems, such as the computer when the sound, the task bar in the small horn disappeared, often make the rookie helpless, do not know how to be good. In the actual course of action, who will encounter similar problems. I've run into it three times in my computer. After repeated groping, finally found a number of solutions. Now I give out, for netizens reference.

first of all, the computer without sound seems simple, in fact, sometimes the problem is more complex, both related to the hardware and software issues involved. Therefore, first identify the cause, whether the software or hardware has failed, and then the right remedy for the problem. Do not have the reason is not clear, the disorderly ramming, can not make the system paralyzed, the trouble is big.

1. Check the sound card, connectors, and speakers and other devices are connected to normal, anti-virus software to run anti-virus;

2. Right-click My Computer----Properties---Hardware----Device Manager, turn on the sound, video, and game controllers to see if there is a yellow "?" in front of it. If so, reinstall the device driver to resolve;

3. When there is a sound but no small speaker, open the Control Panel----sound and video device----volume, before "put the volume icon into the taskbar" before the check mark;

4. No sound and no small horn, open the Control Panel----Add and Remove Programs----Add delete Windows components, in the "accessories and tools" Before the check mark, click "Next", and then, shutdown restart, the system will be prompted to install new hardware, according to the prompts to install;

5. Reinstall system and driver, all problems will be solved, but the prerequisite is that all kinds of hardware intact, the software does not conflict.

6. When installing the sound card driver, "can't find the AC chip" hint, there may be a computer poisoning, or a sound card plug and Play loose, resulting in poor contact, and may be due to illegal operation mistakenly deleted the sound card driver, or internal software conflict. This is a step-by-step solution for different reasons.

7. Simply ignore, shutdown after waiting for a period of time and then reboot, sometimes the sound problem will be solved by itself. You may try it.

8. Can gently pat the computer fuselage shell, notebook computer can be in the lid when more than usual force slightly larger, so that some loose parts recovery, shutdown after waiting for a period of time and then reboot, sometimes sound problems will be restored.

third, the computer sound distortion fault treatment

If the computer has a sound distortion of the fault, you can use the following ways to deal with ――

1. Check to see if the latest sound card driver is installed.

2. There may be a problem with the quality of the speakers. Lower-quality speakers tend to be more prone to distortion than higher-quality speakers in the bass. If the quality of the speakers is low, only hardware upgrades will improve the playback effect.

3. Sound distortion may be because the volume sent to the speakers is too high for the speaker to handle, and you should try to reduce the volume sent to the speakers.

4. There may be a hardware device conflict on your computer. Check to see if the device is included in the Device Manager tab and there is no conflict.

⑴ Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.

⑵ on the Device Manager tab, check to see if the device appears and there is no yellow circle with an exclamation point next to the device. If a yellow circle with an exclamation mark appears next to the device, the device may use the same settings as other devices in the computer.

If you find a yellow circle with an exclamation point: Double click the device, and then click the Resources tab. Look for a resource conflict in the conflicting devices list. If there is a resource conflict, reconfigure a (some) device so that it uses different resources to eliminate the conflict. For specific operational information, consult your device documentation, or contact the manufacturer.

5. Check that the "Use single mode DMA" setting is correct. Check whether the use single mode DMA setting is turned on:

⑴ Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.

⑵ on the Device Manager tab, double-click Sound, video, and game controllers, and then double-click the sound card. If you do not know the sound card name, consult your sound card documentation.

Four, the computer appears the problem of the sound

is the most common sound card problem, here we first look at the cause of the sound.

1. sound card and chipset conflict

This fault usually occurs when the new sound card with the old motherboard, such as the innovative release of the Audigy chip sound card, and via the motherboard is inconsistent, there is a beep or even the problem of skipping, these failures can be updated motherboard BIOS or upgrade the sound card driver solution.

2. Problems with IDE settings

have friends often encounter such a problem, through the CD-ROM drive DVD, you will find that the sound is more serious, and the file copied to the hard disk playback, there is no sound. The optical drive may be out of PIO mode at this time, and it can be changed to DMA mode. Modify the operating mode of the optical drive in the Control Panel hardware manager. If the problem is not resolved after setting, the motherboard chipset driver may need to be updated.

3. Power Failure

sound card is more sensitive to the power of the device, so a good PC power to improve the sound quality is helpful. When paired with inferior power supply, may often appear the sound of noise, especially those with power amplifier circuit, the power of a little bit of fluctuations will cause noises and even sound, this situation only to replace the power or sound card.

4. PCI Device contention Bandwidth

when the CPU load is large or a large number of data replication, there is a beep, this is the sound card driver execution level is too low and other devices to compete for bandwidth caused by, in general, the sound card manufacturers to achieve the stability of the system. This is very easy to do when using a PCI video card because the PCI device is competing for bandwidth.

Five, Volume control tips no active mixer

encounters this problem, you need to follow the steps below to check Windows:

1. Right-click on the desktop ' My Computer ' select ' Manage '

2. Select ' Service and application ' ――〉 ' service on the left side of pop-up window

3. Then find an option called ' Windows Audio ' on the right side of the window. Right click on him, select ' Start ' can be.

This service is very fragile, sometimes there will be a sudden closure of the phenomenon.

If this service is turned off, even if the sound card program is reinstalled, there will be no sound after restarting the computer.

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