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As a user experience professional, I have the responsibility to carry it forward. I tried all kinds of ways to promote it--I wrote books, wrote articles, lectured all over the world, even offered in-house training to some companies or projects with some clients.

If I can only remember one thing I want to be the essence of user experience, designers and businesses need to understand and even understand the nature of the user experience as a professional spirit, a goal is even ideal. It took me 13 years to do that.

When I wrote this in 2012, I had to admit that it affected every year of my career in the Internet industry, and I'm going to list these 13 tenets of the user experience, design, and the value of the designer to share.

Creed 1

Every interaction between an enterprise and an individual will produce a user experience, regardless of the album and promotional materials, customer service calls, or products or services themselves, as long as they interact with people will have a user experience. The vision and practice of the enterprise itself, and even the objectives of the service or product and its value for a person's life, will affect the user experience.

Creed 2

The user experience is critical. Perhaps its starting point is to improve the user's life, and then it will run through the user's life, from the attention to be abandoned, to upgrade. So this vision that leads us to prove that every design decision is reasonable is driving us to keep improving.

Creed 3

Any small detail of an enterprise and its products fully illustrates its user experience. The user experience strategy and user experience design will ensure that the information matches their design objectives and design intent. The design can be extended to every detail, and any detail can indeed be designed.

Creed 4

The user experience is a process from discovering a new idea, to defining a vision, to making a decision, to making a plan, to executing, to testing, to being iterative. It is flexible and requires that we have the spirit to look for the right answer even if we make mistakes.

Creed 5

Any great product or service requires extraordinary courage, and your design directly reflects your boldness.

Creed 6

A great design not only embodies the results of logical research, but more importantly, you know that what you do can change the world, and you can do it well.

Creed 7

The people who solve the world's problems are the people who put their skills, wisdom, knowledge and experience to design or redesign our surroundings. Whether they call themselves designers or not, the creators of the future will be the designers (like those who are targeted and not bound by established facts).

Creed 8

The goal of a designer is to listen, to observe, to understand, to empathize and to integrate other people's opinions, to make sure that he or she can see what is not visible (like Hillman Curtis)-to make it out of the way.

Creed 9

The work of a designer is a bit like a writer, bending, stretching, and creating a conceptualized work again and again until it becomes the only work that the world needs.

Creed 10

The designer never acted according to his opinion, but according to his insights. They are never pushy, but guided by education. The best decisions are often based on the most unreliable assumptions, and the designer's instincts tell them every day that these ideas are likely to be correct.

Creed 11

Designers are enough to let their businesses change the world, define the future, create value and get a lot of wealth. Such examples are numerous.

Creed 12

The user experience is born with the user. Experience can not be designed, but he can be affected. The designer's job is to be the influence.

Creed 13

Designers are not managing in this world, but guiding the world.

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