14 recommended personal improvement methods

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14 recommended personal improvement methods 

1. Read books every day.Books are the source of wisdom. The more books you read, the more intelligent you become. What books can you use to improve yourself? Bohua's book "building your time capital", "important things first", and "the greatest salesman in the world" are all good books to help you know yourself. In addition, there is no end to learning from a friend's blog. There is also a book titled "make every day meaningful: a lifelong learning method Book recommendation.

2. learn new languages.Learning a new language is a challenge. You can learn a language to understand different cultural backgrounds and enrich your knowledge. Bohua once published how to use your iPod to learn 35 languages. Friends With iPod cannot miss this opportunity. During the previous earthquake in Haiti, Bohua learned some basic statements in Haiti, which is very interesting. Are you still struggling to learn English? Why don't you learn new languages? Maybe there are more suitable languages for you to explore.

3.Create your inspiration Space. Your life environment will affect your mood. If you live in an inspired environment, you will be creative and passionate every day. If your room is a mess, it's time to rebuild it. Start from a trivial matter and organize your desktop first. Let's take a look at 12 tips to make your desk neat and orderly and learn more efficiently.

4. overcome your fear.I have to say that everyone has something he is afraid. Some people are afraid to give speeches in front of everyone, fear of success, fear of adventure, fear of ghosts, and even fear of caterpillars. Do you have something to fear? Why don't we take the time to overcome your fear? This will help you grow.

5. Upgrade your skills.If you have played a role-playing game, you should understand the concept of upgrading-by adding experience values, you will become stronger and more powerful. Our life is like a real role-playing game, but you cannot archive or read files at Will (this is the difference between reality and virtualization ). As a blog writer, Bohua is always learning new knowledge and constantly upgrading my skills. Over the past year, I have added many skills to myself. These new skills are also the biggest capital to overcome the powerful "boss" (difficulties in life. What skills will you upgrade for yourself?

6. Write a letter to yourself in the future.What will I do in five years? You can write a letter to yourself five years later. I think you must have a lot to say: "Tell yourself to study hard and cherish the time ...... Do not waste time "or" cherish friends, loved ones ......" Well, in this case, why not cherish life from now on? You need to know that each step is now writing its own history. I think five years later, I should not only grow physically, but also mature my mind and mind.

7. Acknowledge your shortcomings.Everyone has shortcomings, but the focus is on understanding them, recognizing them, and attaching importance to them. What are your shortcomings? Don't tell me, use your own actions to get rid of it!

8. act now.I admit that I do not know how to choose because I sometimes hesitate. Later, I found the secret to overcome hesitation-act now. Generally, I will make a decisive decision within 60 seconds and then execute it immediately. In this way, I will not give myself any time to hesitate. Since I got into the habit of immediate action, my efficiency has become higher. I have saved a lot of time to do things, instead of thinking about and hesitating. In my opinion, the habit of immediate action is something everyone should cultivate. This will bring huge changes to your life. Let's take a look at this article, "7 steps to develop the habit of immediate action" and "overcome procrastination-7 skills to keep you going", and you will get more.

9. Learn from those you admire.Everyone has people they admire in their lives. They can be great people, your friends, your loved ones, or even strangers. While participating in the sports meeting, Bohua admired the first place in the 5000-meter competition. Every time he ran by me, I was impressed by his firm eyes. Although he gasped and sweated, he did not slow down. I think this kind of perseverance is what I lack. I want to learn from him. Do you also have people you admire? You admire that person because they have something you don't have, and this is what you lack. So, learn from the people you admire and get new abilities from them.

10. Reduce the time on QQ. I have realized that I have developed a bad habit, that is, the first thing to do when I open a computer is to hook up QQ. Many of my friends also have this habit. When you are hanging on QQ, you will receive chat messages from time to interrupt your ongoing work. Every time you stop your work to view QQ messages, your time is wasted, and restarting your work requires a certain amount of "conversion time ".

11. Cultivate a new habit. 30 days can cultivate a new habit. When I use the toodledo software to manage the time, I set a plan to cultivate new habits. Set a task to be repeated every day. You only need to finish the task every day. In this way, 30 days later, I will become a new habit. Now, through the daily habits program, I have developed 50 push-ups every day. I read English for one hour every morning, dictate voaenglish every day, and get up at every day ...... Once a habit is developed, it is easy to do.

12. Let the past. Have you ever had any unpleasant things? If there are, it's time to let them go with the wind. Remember that those things will only stop you from moving forward. Are you sometimes anxious? Let's take a look at this article "how to eliminate anxiety".

13The rose hand is fragrant. You are nice to others, and others will be nice to you. In fact, many of us cannot do this. We can see the shortcomings of others. We always want to educate others as elders, but we do not know that everyone has their own lives. You cannot attach your will to others. Try to respect others' ideas and habits and help them more. You will find it easy to get along with others.

14. Have a good rest. Personal improvement cannot be accomplished overnight. It requires constant efforts and diligence. When we are tired of reading a book, we need to know how to rest, listen to light music, and relieve our mood. Take a walk and get close to nature. Only after a good rest can we make a better move forward

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