14 save-money tips allow you to easily save 100,000 yuan a year

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1. Carry the water cup with you, saving $720 off a year

When thirsty, I went to a convenience store to buy a bottle of drinks, which is the inertia of most people. But this will not only easily lead to excessive intake of sugar and flavor, plastic bottles will also bring environmental pollution for years. With water cups, you can easily save on the costs of buying drinks, which is economical and environmentally friendly. In addition, coffee fans who like Starbucks can bring their own cups to save 2 yuan each time.

2. Tips for saving energy: RMB 360 off in a year

First, stop purchasing electric massage chairs and electric slimming instruments for household use, because they are often not practical and free of space. Second, scientific use of various electrical appliances allows them to work in the best state. In fact, we can learn a lot from our mother's life tips: for example, hot water after steamed food or Hot vegetables can be used to wash dishes, this natural detergent is safe and environmentally friendly; while cooking, it is easy to mix, less frying, saving gas while maintaining the original vitamins and nutrients of vegetables, can reduce the calorie intake.

3. invite a friend to dinner at home for a year, saving $15000 off

Not always eat in a restaurant outside, but it takes up a lot of resources. In fact, the warm family return is what people really need. asking friends to eat at home not only reflects the host's respect for the guests, it also creates an intimate and harmonious atmosphere. DIY flower, candle arrangement, and considerate recipe design consume less and get more.

4. Skillfully used group buying and purchasing, saving RMB 10000 off for a year

From buying a house to a tile, purchasing a group can not only win more price concessions, but also provide detailed consulting services, which can help you choose products with high cost performance and save money while reducing detours. It is especially suitable for the purchase of decoration materials and kitchen appliances. Another concept, purchasing, already exists. Common skin care products allow colleagues in the Office to purchase each other when going abroad, which is generally more than 30% cheaper than the domestic counter price. Of course, remember to help others bring things next time.

5. decoration saves RMB 30000 off a year

You need to know that contract signing does not mean construction. Do not think that price concessions are at the expense of the best decoration season. If you sign the contract in winter, the construction can be set in spring, which is affordable without affecting the quality. In addition, you can choose to pay in advance during off-season or special promotions for all kinds of home decoration materials, and then call for delivery when necessary. In this way, we usually get a very favorable price.

6. Do not pay for your mood, saving $5000 off a year

Do not go shopping before hunger, anger, or menstruation. Because at this time you are easily impulsive, do not make this expensive mistake. During lunch breaks in the office, you must learn to bring a small amount of money to go shopping. Write down what you really like. You may feel that you are not buying it.

7. purchase household appliances and keep necessary information for saving RMB 2000 off a year

Buyers must buy products and brands with after-sales services when purchasing electricity. Properly keep the invoice and warranty card. If you encounter problems during the warranty period, you can provide free on-site services to the workers. When buying discount products, pay attention to whether they can be returned or warranty. Most of the time, discount products cannot be returned or warranty. If there is a problem, you need to repair the product yourself.

8. All accounts are recorded in the unit of RMB 20000 off for a year.

Accounting, this seemingly trivial habit, helps you understand the flow of money every month. You can also use this to check whether unnecessary costs are incurred, saving you a lot of money. Sometimes, you may even give up your purchasing desire for a while because of the hassle of accounting. Remember, what GH wants to teach you is not to stop consumption, but to consciously and rationally plan your own finances.

9. Buy a ticket that is cheaper than a train ticket, saving $4000 off a year

Ticket Booking Time is a key factor when you purchase a ticket by yourself. If the itinerary has already been confirmed, you may wish to book a ticket in advance and get the lowest price if you make a reservation in advance. If it is a temporary decision on the itinerary, usually through the agency can also get a certain discount. In addition, the habit of accumulating mileage makes it possible for large aviation alliances to waste almost every kilometer. Regular exchange of various types of gifts is also a harvest.

10. saving money on personalized vacation plans RMB 5000 off in a single year

Do not join in during festivals or peak seasons. After high travel expenses, you will often get a discount service and mood. If you choose to travel in the off-season, not only will the prices of air tickets and hotels in different regions fall, but travel agency prices also fall. Participating in the group is still the most cost-saving and worry-free way for overseas travel. However, as people become more personalized, self-guided tours have become a new favorite of holiday travel. In this regard, GH's opinion is that you can book a reservation or book a ticket through an agency, suggest the itinerary, and fine-tune the itinerary according to your own needs, such as changing the flight time and hotel room. Similar "semi-self-help" mode not only saves money, saves time, but also saves time.

11. Cancel unnecessary functions of mobile phones, saving $350 off a year

With the continuous development of communication technology, mobile phone functions are also varied. For example, call transfer, third-party calls, meteorological information services, and terminal services. Some of these services are charged. You can also apply for cancellation of other functions such as international long distance, International Long-distance IP address, and voice station dialing. In order to reduce the loss of phone charges caused by phone calls or phone calls by children by mistake. In addition, using landline phones at home or in the office as much as possible not only saves the phone fee, but also reduces the radiation that the mobile phone brings to the body.

12. saving money on long-distance calls: RMB 1000 off a year

If you have a large number of long-distance calls each month, or if you have relatives or friends who want to talk abroad, you need to buy a phone card or a package service. For example, to call a domestic long distance, you only need to apply for the 17909 Service of China Telecom. The monthly fee is 5 yuan per month and you can call the service 24 hours a day. The cost is surprisingly low.

13. Baby Products "Replacement", saving $6000 off for one year

The baby's consumer goods are "transient". Although the parents who love their children want to give the baby the best, they do not have to do this. Generally, you should first ask your friends and family to see if there are any unused baby products. This will reduce the costs and avoid wasting resources. In addition, do not buy one at a time. Many of your relatives and friends will give gifts to their children and leave some shares to others. People who are close to each other can honestly tell their children what they really need.

14. Selected children's toys, saving $5000 off a year

Children's preferences are strange and changing at any time. repeated purchases are basically equivalent to waste. Developing a child's attachment to a doll is better than buying her 100 Barbie dolls; the boy's car toys are also verifiable. Remember, what children need is not toys but Mom and Dad. Sometimes it is the best time for a child to roll along the lawn and swing in the backyard.

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