14 tips to bring your IT career to the Heights

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It is not easy to appreciate the leadership of the IT Department of the Enterprise. It is not easy to stand out from the general public.

   - is a good year, according to an expert report, 6 Month in all new jobs, 10% from the technical field. This is good news for it technicians who want to move up, shift, and move . But to be able to make these career changes possible, you need to let the employer feel that you can bring more value.

According to the CIO, career advisers and experts, it's not enough to just do the job well. You need to demonstrate the dedication to technological development and the ability to develop with technology. Each company has a different track of success, but the following list of Recommendations can help you get ahead.

  communicate with your boss and company HR

Let your boss and HR representatives know that you value the effort needed to succeed. David Brookmire , a career development consultant, believes that if you work for a medium and large enterprise,theHR Department divides the competencies of the employees according to the level of IT Professional level, competent level and so on.

  Brookmire suggestion, "go straight to the HR , ask for this information. It is also sometimes posted on the corporate portal site. "It's a good start in making a career development plan.

  Looking for a Mentor

Mentors can help in a number of ways, and in many cases it is critical for personal promotion to be a corporate IT executive. They can provide good advice about their career and can also be recommended for in-house promotions. They have a lot of technical and business knowledge and are willing to share it to you. If you do not have such a mentor, see if the company has a mentoring program (Mentoringprograms), and if so, please sign up.

"Coaching is very important. EnergyPlus CIO Hugh Scott says, "one of the conditions for learning and growing is to have a mentor relationship with someone throughout the entire work process." "

  Participate in an open source project / be a volunteer

Keith Perry ,deputy CIOand assistant vice President of Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson CancerCentre) , said Personal growth and development capabilities are available anytime, anywhere, and do not necessarily have to be formally trained in the classroom. As a developer, you can find projects that interest you in many places and participate in them, which will help you become a better it Professional.

You can contribute your programming skills to a nonprofit organization that is focused on a technology that you are interested in. There are also local UseNet developer groups, which contain a large number of people who love the technology they use.  

 Learn more about our business

"My biggest advice to IT Pros is to look for an industry that I love and take the time to get to know the business in the industry, not just in the it industry. "Keith Perry suggests.

Understanding how your business works can help you leverage your technology to innovate and solve business problems. "IT supports business strategies, and technology improvements can also affect where the company will go in the future." "Authentic Leadership Global founder,CEO Tana Heminsley said.

  Build your personal network

A lot of work is posted on professional websites. Whether you're participating in an event, a developer's meeting, or on a social media, you must strive to develop relationships among trusted professionals. "You have to be proactive and find people who have the ability to make decisions and build relationships with them." Most people are too busy to go out, seldom attend these meetings, and build relationships with these people. "David brookmire said.

  Know what you want.

"When promotions in a company involve subordinate management, it is difficult for some high-tech people to get promoted. IT technical staff to manage, lead, train other IT The lack of interest among technical staff is common, and I think it is essential for promotion. "Head of Information Systems Division , NationalCouncil of Architectural Registration Boards, United States of America, Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate thought.

If you're really not interested in something, it's hard to get into it. "Find your point of interest in this area, not driven by money and fashion. Zarate said, "growing skills in your favorite areas will continue to be successful." "

  Set realistic goals.

Setting clear career goals is critical to the success of your career.

  1. Identify what success you want to be;

  2. develop clear and clear steps;

  3. anticipate all possible and develop all plans;

  4. Keep a review of your goals and track your success.

"Setting goals for your IT Career is a continuous process. These include expanding your skills, such as education, obtaining qualifications, and researching emerging technologies. Throughout your career, you need to be confident that you can accomplish these things. No one is going to support you as much as you support yourself. "Career strategist and CV writer Stephen Van vreede said.

  Map your career path

Make clear what stage you want yourself to develop after a few years. It will help you decide which courses to study, what certificates to obtain, and what positions you can accept and not accept.

"The evolution of technology is bound to have an impact on the role of the future IT industry. Everyone in the IT industry will also be involved in the innovation of management skills. This facilitates their business and will also define and evolve their career "Keith Perry believes.

  Evaluate your Skills

You must understand your strengths and weaknesses in order to develop specific plans to compensate for your lack of professional skills, soft skills, leadership skills. "I think, in many cases,it staff will have a lot of difficulties in the promotion process because it requires management skills, which happens to a lot of people who don't have that skill." "

There are many self-assessment tools on the Web that can help you assess where you are now.

  Take the university course / Qualification Certificate

For a full-time job and a family breadwinner, it seems unlikely that they will be back at school. In fact, it is possible. In the long run, getting a degree in your area of technology can also produce value. "I decided to go back to school to get my master's degree in Business Administration as a supplement to my bachelor's degree in computer science. In addition, I use the evening time to listen to medical class. "saidKeith Perry .

The qualification certificate is a good way to improve their value, in the process of obtaining, not only to become, but also learned new, interesting things. According to experts, this is also a good way to earn more money.

 Do not adhere to their own areas of work

In the IT Industry, we tend to focus on the business that lies ahead of us, and these will soon become drudgery. Jump out of your "comfort zone" and find a way to transcend yourself. Beyond your remit, you can better demonstrate your value and ambition. This includes leading a special project, figuring out a solution to the problem, discovering ways to do things efficiently, learning to borrow, using third-party platforms to protect the source code , making a plan and showing it to your boss.

"Seize high-risk, high-impact business opportunities. Because of the strong ability to work, strong self-confidence, have the ability to undertake larger projects, strategic mergers and acquisitions, and is appreciated by everyone. Tana Hemingsley ,CEO and founder of Authentic, said.

  Continuous delivery

Word When problems are encountered, clarify and learn from others as soon as possible, "Heminsley said.

"Continue to publish the results, which is the way of execution." In the it area, this means completing projects on time, on budget, and in high quality. " David brookmire said.

  Better manage your time

Time management, we each do to do better. There is never enough time to do a thing. But with time management, you can prioritize important things. Time management is to prioritize priorities.

  Ask for feedback

Based on professional management, frequent feedback can help you to work better.

Think about it: if a person in the wrong way to do something, is as soon as possible to correct the wrong way of misunderstanding, or a year after the adverse consequences of good?

Get feedback often to better hone your skills. Feedback can come from your mentor, your boss, and your colleagues.

Hope that the above 14 suggestions can help you in your IT career, to a higher level!

14 tips to bring your IT career to the Heights

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