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A while ago saw Ddz wrote a "look at the outdated everywhere is the size of the tired webmaster how?" ", I have seen deep feelings. China Internet to make money crowd status quo, 80% people are not enough to eat 15% food and clothing status, but 5% is living "nourishing" life. And rich and poor, rich stationmaster more and more rich, poor stationmaster to live with fingers, some suspected good project, want to cast weak, missed a lot of time, the result is getting poorer. Over time, poor webmaster form a poor circle, every day in their own circle to find ways to make money, but lack of effective communication with the rich stationmaster, so easy to lose confidence, like a while ago to see Sihai netizens wrote "Do not do, I go home to farm" is so.

To get rid of embarrassment, we must "communicate with the rich and poor." I have contacted the internet for more than three years, has been in a domestic well-known network company to work, spent nearly three years of time, feel the development of space is limited, so this May out of the home to do a little site, do the station four months, and now finally stepped into the "rich webmaster" list, daily income of more than 1000 yuan. Now I do from the station to do all the experience and common exchanges, I hope to be able to give the general food and clothing stationmaster to bring certain help.

All said: Poor people, is the brain poor. Do stand four months ago, let me form a habit, every weekend night fixed two hours, a person wandering the park, thinking!

May, just come out from the company, passion is very, with the company learned a little seo fur, began to do a large MMS optimization station. But met Baidu algorithm of a big accounts, the original fool-type of strong effect optimization, become worthless. During the two lyrics station, a multimedia Word library optimization station, a film station, spent most of the time, Obstinately insisted on a record of 15,000 records of the lyrics and 5,000 film data database. This time I, only know through a lot of data, to Skynet optimization Baidu, access to the advantages of the flow.

May ended with an average daily income of $20. The only accumulation: the lyric library one, the movie Database one. At that time began to confuse, start a lot of thinking, think of only one thing: how to better from Baidu to introduce useful traffic.

At the beginning of June, seeing that the income of May continued, there would be the possibility of starvation, so I thought of finding a friend who had been making money for two years in the Internet. My friend told me that he was making money by blogging, earning four hundred or five hundred bucks a day, and more than 600 of the good words. I do not believe that the artificial simple blog, and only spend three hours a day, one day income will have my monthly income more than 10 times times? He told me that China's entertainment market, the largest film market, and the market is the state of strife, is a good opportunity to rob money, as long as the effective hunt on the network of Hot movie keywords, the domain product optimization, mass to each major blog, the introduction of traffic, it can bring a lot of income. So I temporarily give up optimization MMS station, learn he made a blog mass movie keyword, through Baidu collection optimization, one day can bring up to 20,000 of the traffic, and then put these flows into the film Federation register, it can generate profits. This is a physical life, at that time the most bitter, is to hunt hot keyword, and then accumulate group to blog up, sometimes from early morning has been busy to midnight two points, in addition to eating and noon small break for a while, almost all bubble in front of the computer.

Kungfu not negative, June income finally improved, good time, one day can earn a Paraya block, June Total received more than 7,000 yuan income. This is the first bucket of gold before the station, although not very large, but the great contrast with the May, let me feel relieved after the hard work.

After June of continuous optimization of Baidu keyword operation, also learned a lot of Baidu SEO technology, for the July to upgrade again to do a full preparation, and realized that, do stand, not wandering in a forest, to go out more, more exchanges, more thinking, more open up new territories.

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